Why you need yoga blocks | Yoga blocks for beginners

Do you sometimes find that you need to have added comfort through beveling the edges of your yoga routine material? The yoga blocks are the answer to your problem and you will find that is very effective. In this article, we are going to look at the various reasons why you need yoga blocks and yoga block for beginners.


Different person use yoga blocks for different purpose and lot of yoga pose are also available, but we recommended below pose which are awesome and suitable for anyone.



Camel poses (USTRASANA)


Full splits (HANUMANASANA)

Crow pose

Fish pose (MATSYSANA)

Forearm stands (PINCHA MAYURASANA)

Features of yoga mats

Why you need yoga blocks


One of the pillars for good yoga practice is support to your body. The posture that you strike while practicing yoga will have a bearing on how you will appear in physically. If you do not get the position desired, then you could easily injure your spinal cord and eventually develop some complications. This lends credence for the use of the blocks with enhanced edges so that you can maximize your comfort. you don’t need any kind of pull up bar or push up bars.


Another advantage of the yoga blocks is that they will elevate you to a given height so that you can have all the poses that you need for your yoga. As you will fins out, yoga can best be practiced in certain positions when you are elevated to some cretin levels. With these blocks, you can be sure to have the desired height. You will also be able to adjust this height depending on the posture that you want. With the blocks, it is possible to adjust the height to your ideal levels so that you do not strain and hurt your back and it’s very helpful yoga block for beginner.


It is very important that you are firm when you are practicing your routine yoga. Stability ensures that you can go on and on without tiring and falling over. With these blocks, this is highly tenable. Some people ignore the basic functions of the blocks and eventually fail to meet their ideal yoga practice. This is because the foundation upon which they practice it is weak. As such, you will need the blocks for assured stability as you go about with your meditation, deep breathing among other forms of yoga that’s Why you need yoga blocks.

yoga block for beginners


Going together with stability is the grounding. In other words, you will need a strong base that supports your whole weight. For this to happen, then it implies that the yoga blocks will need to extend to a large extent on the ground. The wider the base the better because you will not tip over. Next time you go out shopping for one, ensure that you buy one that covers come considerable ground so that even when you are in a yoga position, you are well grounded. Well, it sounds almost obvious but in some cases, you will find yourself tipping over in certain yoga poses.

Why use yoga blocks?

If you perform total body workout then yoga blocks definitely very helpful for you. You also so many different types of exercises with this simple yoga blocks. Or if you have any lower back pain or stiffness then you use different kind of yoga props. Yoga blocks help you get into postures securely and with exact array and deliver you to experience the pose and its advantage even if you hamstrings or shoulders are tight. When you do different pose with yoga mats you also feel how to properly engage and supports muscles in a specific pose because props always bring awareness to your body. If you consider more strength then you try with pull up assist bands.

Features of yoga mats

Yoga blocks are normally simple design with various colors. They are made by some lightweight material. Yoga blocks are always very helpful but if you choose perfect one then you get full benefits from it specially beginners. When you choose any kind of yoga mats below criteria you have to consider

Size: Normally blocks come with two different size, they are large and small. Each size have own dimension, The large size 9 by 6 by 3 inches or 9 by 6 by 4 inches and it’s also standard size blocks. But if you have small hands then small blocks are around 3 in. long, 6 in. wide and 9 in. high.

Shape: As the name implies, yoga blocks is shaped like a block, a rectangular block most of the time.

Materials: We recharge on various blocks and we discover that 3 types of yoga blocks are standard that’s wood, cork and foam. They all are very lightweight and perfect for your home work out. They all type of yoga blocks are perfect yoga block for beginners.


You will come across various blocks for yoga with some being heavy density, cork yoga, bamboo yoga and so on. They vary in density in terms of inches. The idea is to look for one which is of ideal density or thickness so that you can have absolute comfort. The prices will vary but ultimately, ensure that you buy one that guarantees you all the comfort that you need.

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