Yes4All Deluxe Pull up Bars Review

The Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar has an illustrious intention and scheme an upper body workout for the shoulders, back, chest, arms and abs. It provides 12 total grip options. These grips can be take advantage of with overhand and underhand grips to put focus on all areas of the arms, back, booking and shoulders.



This Doorway Pull up bar hammers grip positions for significant also provides a two varied workout out the back and shoulders. The bar is natural to put-up and complete stable on standard-sized doorways. Which mount to your door frame for added durability in it comes with two J brackets safety clips case the trim above your door is not very grave. The J brackets allow you to use this on doors with trim as superficial as ¼ inch. It cordial to use, however over time the primary the padded foam grips practice bolts may loosen and need enforcement and the padding may also peruse replacement. As the main bar is made of two pieces it’s not as robust as a single bar would be.

Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar Review

When it border on to the underwear of vogue and While the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar commitment great versatility routines you can do with it, it is still small suitable to fit in under your bed or in the cupboard, and you can move it at any doorway It’s very portable. Since this type of bar isn’t fixed to the as wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar without any damage your wall, whenever you like you can take it with you as you go. And use it as a support for sit-ups and/or crunches to bar to the bottom of the door frame work the abdomen. For another set of exercises, you can also be move the CXP Doorway Chin up you can take the bar off of the. It use for narrow, neutral, normal or wide grip pull ups and chin ups; working the inner and outer back. Then backward your back carry into practice your push ups, sit-ups or triceps dips (though don’t expect to get a great deal of range of movement in the dips), just immediately move the bar on the floor and you can derive.

Quick Feature


 30 to 37 inch

Shipment weight

9.9 pounds

Weight capacity

300 lbs


4 out of 5


 5 grip

Features of Yes4All CXP Doorway Chin up bar

  • Frequent and heaviest frame made of the highest steel grade. Yes4All Deluxe Chin-up Bar
  • Absolute weight limit up to 300 lbs.
  • 12-grip location for many exercises and extreme home fitness programs
  • consultative wall brackets included
  • You can do opposite Exercises Like Pushups, setups & dips
  • It has five different grip position
  • Bar character: Door frame leverage
  • Features: Padded Foam Grips, Wide Grip fulcrum, Portable, Compact

Assembly and inauguration:

Assembly seems to be hit or miss with the Yes4All-Deluxe chin up bar. There are a lot of negative observation in regard to default or wrong sized screws and bolts being comprised with the packaging. Other reviewers have no question at all. Most all saw the injunction are difficult to follow. One thing to keep in mind about assembly is that you only have to do it one season. just do chin-ups/pull ups properly with your bar and take full benefits of pull-up or chin-ups.

Around the Manufacturer:

Yes4All is a fairly new company based out of Southern California and is rapidly becoming a market leader with extensive design, and high nature manufacturing and distribution. They deal in a variety of capability products including strength decoration, resistance bands, kettle balls, dumbbells, chin-up bars and yoga appointments.

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What We Love regarding the Yes4All CXP Doorway Chin up Bar?

There are disputes of things that are great about the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar. First, for a doorway bar with this diagram, you are commonly paying double the worship at least. You get a lot of march-past with the design including trigger grip, which is now and again not offered. The other great thing is that by reviewing comments on this product, nearly everyone says it’s solidly created and a durable bar. It’s hard to believe at this price, but it seems to be the occurrence.

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What isn’t so great about this product?

The main drawbacks of the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar inside on the gathering movement. Reviewers complained about calculation the unholy screws (a contemptible complaint with chin-up/pull-up bars) and complex to understand teaching. The most worrisome aspect of this bar, albeit, is that a lot of reviewers complained that it will embezzlement your door frame. If you’re espying to get around this, you should probably glance for additional product.

Final Word

You might be a new user or an expert in using the pull up bar. For all kind of users this device is a very good one. Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar will make your body more perfect and effective. You don’t have to spend much of your money to own these tools as they are not very expensive.

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