Pro Source Multi-Grip Heavy Duty Doorway Bar Review

To stay Fit and develop your hole muscles specially your upper body and your back , and much more ProSource multi-grip pull up bar/Chin up bar  is one of the best Pull up bar available in the market.In your busy life if you are in a hurry or don’t want to waste your all day in in gym ,heavy duty steel, different grip option and as a portable pull up bar it can assist you like your loyal attendant.



This Doorway pull up bar can help you develop the above mentioned area you want to develop. Being an ProSource multi-grip pull up bar while using it is almost comfortable unlike the Wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

The Pro Source heavy duty pull up bar provide you as many as grip position which you can customize according your own need. This is why Multi-grip pulls up bar takes your upper body exercise to a next level. And it provide the best workout for the whole muscles also provides a simple way to strengthen you back, shoulders, arms and abs from a variety of angles.

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ProSource multi-grip pull up bar

Is it the big deal what’s best about the ProSource multi-grip pull up bar and what you can consider with this tools. Well it has so many grip option (5 totals) including the traditional neutral, wide and narrow but also another wide hold and a side grip. The several grips deliver you to target multiple muscle groups in your arms, back, shoulders etc. Then you can also place it lower to help with sit-ups by take it off the upper door frame anytime.

What’s more, flip it over on the floor for push up holds.

Note: Best pull up assist bands help you to do more pull-ups with comfort If you know how to do pull ups properly.

Key Features Of this product

The first feature you should look at with the best Multi-Grip pull up bar is how easy it is to use. Pull up bar need to be well balanced in order to be useful.

  • 12 comfortable grips & various handles allow you to perform wide, hammer, close-grip exercises
  • This bar gives you the option of standard wide grip pull ups, Chin up(reverse Grip) Hammer Grip Pull Up (Palms Facing) and also allow pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, dips, and leg raisesProSource multi-grip pull up bar
  • Slip-in design fits standard doorways for quick installation. Assembly guide included.
  • Exercise guide included and easy stay fit at home for its portable design.
  • Made of high grade steel allow user up to 300 pounds and includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • No bolts, screw or nails to adhere it to your door frame. Just place it on your door frame and start safely training.

Cons of this pull up bar:

  • Must be used on a sturdy door-frame with a door that is between 24’’-36’’

Different Grip option and Workout Option:

This pull up bar has five different grip position which give you following workout option:

  • Pull up (Overhand Grip)
  • Chin up (Reverse Grip)
  • Three Pull up grip position




  • Hammer Grip Pull Up
  • Push Up
  • Triceps Dips
  • Leg Raises
  • Oblique curls


Why you use Pro-Source Multi-grip pull up bar

The Pro Source Heavy duty multi-grip doorway pull up bar become a great piece of home exercise tools for those amazing option

Before buying any kind of bar read our buying guide first.

Build Every Muscles

This tool is a simple and effective way to strength your whole upper body in the comfort in your sweet home.  Cushioned foam grips offer you to perform variations of wide, close-grip pull-ups and chin-ups. You can also place on the floor for triceps dips and push-ups. So what do you think ProSource multi-grip pull up bar is able to do developed your whole muscle that you desired and get full benefits of pull-up at a time.

Assembly and Installation:

You can install it within a short time with your door frame without damage to your doors or walls. Assembly is easy and you can set within 15 minute. As a portable device it allows you to remove it and place against the base of any door frame using the grips to support your feet during crunches or sit-ups.


You will have to set your budget first to buy this tool. The Pro-Source priced I think of that range for affordable at-home convenience.

Final Words about Pro Source

in the event that you consider your exercises important and might want to add some variety to your exercises, this item ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown for at home fitness equipment.