Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine Review 2020

Do you want to stay in shape while working out at the comfort of your home? It is a tough task no matter what people say. There are people who have been successful working out from home but at the end of the day, it is all because of the right equipment and one of those right equipment is Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine. In this article, I am going to review Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine. Read if you want to know more about this machine.

People are now busier for their daily word and it’s really hard to maintain time for proper exercise for healthy lifestyle. But everyone tries to fit himself by doing some exercise and Rowing machine are exceptionally great at providing this kind of home workout. You can easily store in your home anywhere as like treadmill or pull up bar.

Features of Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine

Powerful Cylinders: Cylinder is always the most important part of rowing machines. I was curious about the cylinder part of Kettler Favorite. Frankly speaking, I was not too sure whether this one will have a powerful cylinder or not but what I saw is really interesting. There are two hydraulic cylinders with continuous resistance and ergonomic seat in this machine.

Standard Weight Capacity: What is your weight? Do you weight more than 300 pounds? If your weight is less than 300 pounds then this machine will work fine for you. The measurement is around 49 x 31 x 10 inch which suits most people.

Programmed: Almost all fitness equipments are now coming into market with intelligent computing system. This machine is another example of that. There is an intelligent program which can help you in managing your workout successfully. You can provide the distance and stroke speed in the computer and things will be adjusted automatically.

Comfortable to deal with: One of the main attribute which should be present in any fitness equipment is the comfort. User should always find it comfortable to use the fitness machines as they are not always used by only the young people or by men. Often women and older people also use these machines. This company kept this thought into mind while designing this machine as it is really comfortable to use.

Other Specifications of Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine

  • Circular rowing motion
  • Adjustable tilt from flat up to 45 degree angle
  • Foldable
  • Display to check speed, time, stroke, distance and so on
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Established company

Quick Feature

Product Dimension

30.7 x 48.8 x 10.2 inches

Shipment weight

56.3 pounds

Made by


Maximum capacity

285 lbs


Pulse Reader

What you like (PROS)

Brand: Kettler is one of the most popular brands and make special all kind of fitness equipment and various kind of product since 1949

Total body workout: Kettler offer you to do total body workout, and as you adjust the resistance for the arms you will also discover it more hard to straighten the legs.

Assembly: It’s very easy to assemble KETTLER rowing machine and it’s just some minute without any hustle.

accessories: Remember when you take on your hand KETTLER providing a pulse reader and you able to measure pulse electronically.

What we don’t like (Cons)

No adjustment on resistance on legs

Adjusting resistance can be tough

Tough to setup if anyone doesn’t have any mechanical experience

Final Verdict:

To conclude, this is a good machine if you are interested to be fit without having too much trouble. You can definitely try this one out. All in all, KETTLER rowing machine provide great service who really want a good cardio and total body workout with simple way without any injury. There are lot of brands and more expensive models similes to this one, but you might not want all those. However, if you looking perfect and basic rowing machine with quality and budget as well as affordability, the KETTLER favorite rowing machine is the model that’s you looking for.