Best Doorway Pull up Bar of 2020. Top 10 Reviews:

Pull up bar is most handy exercise around. you can perform on them anywhere and anytime for home gym workout. All you really need your body it’s this bar. Most of them need compound exercise and best Doorway pull up bar help you to target multiple muscle groups. If you need v-taper physique or targeting the back and biceps as then pull-ups are a must and no other tools deliver this opportunity.

No doubt, you know squats are most consideration for your legs, well think of it this way- pull-ups for your upper body and backs what squats are for your lower body. The most importance benefits of pull-ups are that there are many variations of this bar and you don’t need extra equipment to take another variation, all of this just got simple change up your grip position.

After 4-month recharge and 1 day testing our experts find top-rated 10 doorway bar throughout my house over the curse of several weeks. the iron gym pull up bar is the best bar for most people working common fitness.

Best Doorway pull up bar 2018

Several of these Pull up bar are not for everyone because some carry a hefty price-tag.

However, these Pull up bar are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best Doorway pull up bar 2018.

Best Doorway pull up bar

Bar NameWeight CapacityProduct DimensionsShipping Weight
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar30013 x 36.6 x 115.5 pounds
ProSource Heavy-Duty Easy Gym300 44 x 10.5 x 29.4 pounds
Black Mountain Bar and Resistance BandsN/A45 x 11 x 513 pounds
Iron Gym Bar - Extreme Edition
300 15.8 x 39 x 118.1 pounds
Elevated Chin Up Station by GoFit
300 Lbs11.2 x 21 x 4.58.8 pounds
Maximiza Pull Up Bar300 lbsStandard4.1 pounds
Creative Fitness Door Gym250Standard2.4 pounds
Chin Up Bar by GoFit300lb 30 x 3 x 23.6 pounds
P90X Chin-Up Bar
(Max combo)
300 Up to 32"11 pounds
Multi-Function Chinning Bar30020 x 15 x 15 6.8 pounds

#1. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – best Doorway pull up bar

Ideal for pull ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches and more, three grip positions: narrow, wide and neutral, uses leverage to remain in doorway. so there are no screw marks left behind, should be used for doors with reasonably thick door frames.

Pros: Many reviewers felt that this model provided a good workout, and complimented its sturdy design for the price.

Amazon best seller pull up bar 2017

Very easy direction and easy to assembly.

Cons: You must be careful measuring your doorway to ensure that this model will fit correctly. Additionally, some reviewers felt that it was difficult for them to do dips using this product.
Ideal for: Individuals looking for an inexpensive, sturdy and effective pull up bar.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

Fits in Doorways- 24 to 32 inches’ wide

#2. ProSource Heavy-Duty Easy Gym Doorway Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

Multiple grip positions, high-grade steel construction with ProSource Comfort Grip technology. you can develop back, chest, shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles.

Pros: Owners felt that this pull up bar was affordable, and the impressive quality of the design made. it a great value for the price.

Various handle offer you to do various pull-option like perform wide, hammer, close-grip exercises with 12 different grip.

Have a portable design and lifetime warranty as well.

Cons: Some consumers complained about the assembly instructions, and some reviewers had issues with the quality/longevity of this product.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for an affordable and sturdy chin/pull up bar that can help to enhance their home workout routine.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

Fits in Doorways – 24 to 32 inches’ wide

3. Black Mountain Products Pull Up Bar and Resistance Bands

Comes with 5 resistance bands ranging from yellow (beginner) to red (experienced), pull up bar offers 12 grip positions. also comes with 1 carrying bag, 1 door anchor, 60-day guarantee

Pros: Buyers were pleased with the additional resistance bands that came with this pull up bar. Additionally, many owners felt that this was a good value for the price.

Total package with 1 pull up bar, 1 carrying bar, 5 different resistance bands and one door anchor.

Have lifetime breakage guaranty.
Cons: Some reviewers warned that this bar may bend slightly beneath heavier weights.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for a pull up bar that can be used with the P90X workout, and also those that would like the supplemental resistance bands that can improve your workout.

Weight Capacity (in pounds)- N/A

Fits in Doorways- up to 32 inches’ wide

4. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme Edition

sturdy steel frame mounts quickly and can be removed easily without tools and fasteners. upper body workout designed to strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, arms and more, 5 total grip positions

Pros: Buyers complimented the low price, and the versatile workout options that this design offered. With a nice variety of grip options and a wider bar, they felt that it provided them with an effective workout.

Five total grip position offer various pull-ups and chin ups with maximum capacity.

Steady steel frame is perfect for your back, upper body and hole musicales.
Cons: Many owners warned that this product will not fit in all doorways, and in some cases, their doorways were damaged.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for a versatile pull up bar that is available for less than $20!

Weight Capacity (in pounds) -300

Fits in Doorways – 24 to 32 inches’ wide

5. Go Fit Elevated Chin Up Station – Complete pull up bar

Can be used for chin-ups, pull ups, sit-ups, and more, padded handles make various grips comfortable. includes exercise flip chart, raised bar enables full range of motion

Pros: This unique model has an elevated design that can help to improve the quality and effectiveness of your workout.

Easily set up as portable pull up bar without no Screw.

A complete pull up bar, pull-up, sit-up, dips and push ups like push up bar.
Cons: Some consumers had various issues with the quality/longevity of this product.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for an elevated chin up/pull up bar that is available for a reasonable price.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) -300

Fits in Doorways – 32 to 34 inches’ wide

6. Maximum Fitness Gear All-In-One Doorway Chin-Up Bar with Ab Exercise Guide

Comes with thick padding and non-slip comfort grips, simple assembly, excellent for push-ups and triceps dips, multiple grip positions enable. you to work on and tone upper body compound muscles, requires sturdy door frame with trim

Pros: Owners complimented the overall value of this model, and they were also pleased with the functionality of it.

Very safe and secure pull up bar ever.

Using different location and standard fit for every doorway from 24 to 36.

Comfortable Grip option with non-slip foam and best doorway pull up bar.
Cons: Some consumers had problems with this pull up bar fitting in their doorways, and others questioned its durability.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for a reasonably priced, versatile pull up bar. Additionally, reviewers felt that this was a good alternative for the P90X workout.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

Fits in Doorways – up to 36 inches’ wide

7. Creative Fitness Door Gym

Requires trim up to 3.5 inches wide around the door, breaks down and stores easily. ideal for pull ups, push-ups, chin-ups, crunches and more, no tools required for assembly

Pros: Some owners were pleased with the sturdy design of this model, and felt that it was an overall great value.

Very simple design and ideal for behind the head pull-ups.

Easy to assembly and easy to move.
Cons: Consumers felt that the assembly instructions were not very helpful, and you must be very specific when obtaining the measurements of your doorway.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for a sturdy pull up bar that is a good value

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

Fits in Doorways – 24 to 32 inches’ wide

8. GoFit Chin-Up Bar

Ideal for chin-ups as well as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches, includes mounting hardware. tools required but not included, chrome plated bar with padded grips

Pros: Some reviewers complimented the overall functionality of this pull up bar, and it is also available for less than your budget.

Perfect for anyone to do chin up bar.

Easy for you family member also best Doorway pull up bar.

Cons: Buyers had some issues with the quality of the hardware that is provided. Additionally, some consumers felt that the company had changed the design of the product, and they weren’t thrilled with the newer version.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for an affordable pull up bar that has cushioned grips for added comfort

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 250

Fits in Doorways – 28 to 36 inches’ wide

9. P90X Chin-Up Bar – Combo pull up bar

Professional grade, foam covered handles are easy on the hands, strengthens and develops shoulders, arms, back, abs and more. sturdy bar with heavy-gauge steel frame, patented design offers 12 grip positions for diverse workout hope this will be best Doorway pull up bar for you.

Pros: Buyers complimented the sturdy design of this pull up bar, and were pleased with the overall functionality of it.

Adjustable for optimum amount of Resistance.

Easy to assemble with heavy duty steel frame.
Cons: This model is more expensive than some of the other available models, and some owners were not convinced that it was worth the extra money.
Ideal for: Individuals that would like to invest in a pull up bar to be used with the P90X regime, or for a personal workout routine.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

Fits in Doorways – up to 32 inches’ wide

10. Multi-Function Chinning Bar – Multi-grip position bar

Offers multiple grip positions so you can work muscles from different angles, easy assembly, can be used for pull ups, chin-ups, and sit-ups, easy to store and move

Pros: This particular design is available for less than your budget. and some consumers felt that this low price made it a great value.

Lightweight and portable pull up bar.

perfect for triceps, biceps, abs and back.
Cons: Some buyers felt that this model did not fit well into their doorframe, that it did not attach securely, and some others had quality control issues.
Ideal for: Individuals that are looking for a reasonably priced pull up bar for their homes.

Weight Capacity (in pounds) – 300

 Fits in Doorways – up to 32 inches’ wide

Final Verdict

Best Doorway pull up bar very much suitable for any users if he/she pull ups perfectly and it’s perfect for upper-body, backs and whole muscles workout. So just get a pull up bar set it perfectly anywhere and just complete your pull-ups regularly.

Do pull up bars damage to your wall and how to protect against it

Pull-ups and chin-ups are a great way to improve upper body strength or to start a fitness routine. There are different ways to do this exercise, but the simplest and most convenient way to get your daily dose of pull ups in is to be able to perform them at your home. A wall mounted or door frame mounted pull up bar is a great addition to your home exercise equipment, particularly if you’re limited for space. The biggest problem I hear regarding door frame fixed pull up bars is that it causes damage to the wall or the door frame… not ideal. Here are the most common complaints, the causes of damage and how to protect against it. No product is perfect, but I’ll do my best.

The most common problem that results in door frame damage when it comes to home pull up bars are:

  • The product not fitting their door frame
  • Pull up bar rubbing against the door frame.

Here’s how to easily avoid this problem:

There are a variety of pull-up bars on the market and its very importance to choose the right one for your door frame. Check out our comparison page here and be sure to select a high quality pull up bar which is suitable for your door frame width. Make sure you read the individual reviews as well. As with most products – you get what you pay for, so it’s worth investing in a quality brand product rather than a cheap knock off.

Some pull up bars will extend from 26 inch to 37 inches, which is great if you need to make adjustments or are likely to move it from one spot to another. Before buying, take a moment to measure your door frame, just to be sure! You can also fix your problem by using pipe extensions. In this case we recommend to check iron gym pull up bar which easily fits to any standard door-frame.

There are three things in particular that you should look for in any doorway pull up bar, when it comes to avoiding door frame damage:

  • Is the pull up bar high quality and in particular has built in foam padding build for prevent door frame or wall damage.
  • Use small towels for added cushioning between the pull up bar side pieces and the door frame.
  • Making sure that your pull up bar FITS your door frame
  • Check the installation guide to make sure you have installed it correctly.
pull up bar damage to wall

What about pull up bars causing wall damage?

A wall mounted pull up bar takes a great degree of load when in use and so its’ imperative that it is fixed in a way that can support the weight of the person performing the exercises. 

Always use a stud finder to locate a suitable bearer within the wall to fix your apparatus to. Check with an experiences tradesman or your local hardware store to select suitable fixings, whether that means dynabolts or heavy gauge screws.

Obviously installing a wall mounted pull up bar will create holes in the wall where it is attached, so its’ probably a good idea to check with your landlord beforehand, if you don’t own your property.

If installed correctly, a wall mounted pull up bar shouldn’t cause any damage to the wall other that its’ fixing points.

Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Pull Up Bar Review 2018

Faithful your organism at home with the pure fitness multi purpose workout bar. It’s the ultimate home strengthening and toning workout for any fitness level. So getting a good workout begins with having the perfect tools for the job.

The pure fitness multi purpose workout bar

The pure fitness multi purpose workout bar is an excellent choice for anyone at any level of expertise. The pure fitness pull up bar is clearness engineered and designed to deliver the same results you’d get in a commercial gym but with an affordable price.

Features and benefits :

It will be an awesome pull up bars for those who are looking for a compact one. Because of having ingenious frame design and heavy-duty construction gives this bar maximum weight capacity and it’s able to hold up to 250 lbs. Furthermore, it also allows you to use as portable pull up bar.

This pure fitness multi purpose workout bar has standard-sized. You can plug it any kind of standard door frames (27” to 32”) wide and up to 6.3” deep. Very simple and easy to install and uninstalled, but if you save your room space, you can easily store it anywhere.

The six foam padded grips keeps users always relaxed. Also, this makes this bar safe to avoid marking or damage. High density foam padded grips also offer Non-slip rubberized feet to hold to doorway for added protection.

Do users love multi-gym bar or want to do different kind of pull-ups? This has 8 different grip position for performing different workout to exercise. As a result, it will help you to targeting whole muscles on upper body.

Well, combined plastic and heavy duty construction frame made this pull up bar is a light weight one. Made in USA, this bar offers 90 days Limited warranty.

Others Features

Product Dimensions

12.4 x 38.2 x 10.8 Inches

Shipping Weight

4.4 pounds

Customer reviews

4 up to 5

Grip option

6 different grips

Weight capacity

250 lbs


In the following review of Pure Fitness Multi gym pull up bar, we shall be discussing few of its prominent features and more.

The interactive Resistance Program

This heavy duty steel bar provide you eight configurations for performing multiple exercises. It’s perfect for body weight-bearing exercise like pull-ups, push-ups triceps dips and more.

People can configure different levels of resistance for each arm. This best pull up bar gives you varieties option that helps you to build your stamina and body fitness with full benefits of pull-ups.

Grip Position

pure fitness multi purpose workout bar has six different grip positions for performing multiple workout to exercise and sculpt your upper body. In addition, all grip padded is made out of foam cushioning which help you to prevent unexpected slippage.  Normally you can easily perform below grip they are:

  • Narrow grip
  • Hammer grip
  • Traditional grip (Slightly wider than shoulder width)


The steel frame construction of the Pure Fitness Multi Purpose Pull Up Bar makes it durable and tough to stand up to repeated hard use. The price is very low but the quality is not. You will get years of reliable and dependable use from the well-built equipment that has been designed to hold up under exuberant workout conditions without failure guaranteed. The truth of the matter is that you are more apt to give it all you have when you trust the reliability of your tools.

The Comfort of using this tools

Pure Fitness Multi Purpose Pull Up Bar Very high-quality product with an affordable feature with low Multi Purpose Pull Up Barbudget. This Steel workout bar with six foam padded grips that’s Perfect for pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, hanging crunches, and more!. 8 grip configurations for causation multiple exercises. Easily installs without damage to doorways or walls If you have any doubt of then check out this Do Pull Up Bar damage to your wall. Includes instructional workout guide and the Dimensions: 38.2L x 12.4W x 10.8H inches.

I think every pure Global Brand product guaranteed to 100% satisfies.

Note: If you really strangle with your pull-ups then best pull up assist bands really help your to developed your pull-ups experience.

What exercise offers this tool?

With this tool, you would be able to do an average number of pull-ups or chin up variations.

You are able to perform:

  • Narrow grip pull or chin ups
  • Traditional pull ups
  • Hammer pull ups
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Can act as a brace for your feet for sit-ups when braced against the doorway
  • Push-ups

This exercise bar a weight capacity of 250 lbs and should have no problem by using this amazing problem for all kind of pull-ups or chin-ups.

What We Like (PROS)

  • Features padding for grips and extra-thick padding for points-of-contact with door frames to avoid marking or damage
  • Simple and easy to uninstall and store when there is limited space
  • Easy to install without damage your doorways or walls
  • Perform multiple workouts to exercise
  • Smooth and quiet performance

    pure fitness multi purpose workout bar


What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • Just check out and, measure your doors before ordering this item

If your doorway is bigger than 32″ or not to set your door frame, you can check

out the Iron Gym pull up bar, which can (with extensions) reach up to 36″.

Before buying any kind of bar you can just check our full Buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this model easy to assemble?

Answer: Yes, it comes with an instruction manual and you need just 15 minutes to assemble.

Question: Is this pull up bar best for a total body workout?

Answer: Yes, but you will most likely work out the upper body more than your arms and back.

What a Customer says

“Simple & creative design; excellent product quality… highly recommended!”

“Easy to put together, sturdy, works great. I’ve already seen an increase in my upper body strength. We started out by hanging on it for 60 seconds and doing assisted pull-ups. Now, I can do a couple on my own before needing help. Hopefully, soon I’ll be back to my peak soon.”

Final Verdict

All in all, this is the pull up bar more ideally suited for those who want a good total upper body workout but don’t want to overexert themselves or cause any injury.

However, if you are looking for a basic type of pull up bar that offers quality as well as comfort ability, the pure fitness multi purpose pull up bar you are looking for.

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Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus Review

If you are tight on space or on a budget, search no further cause Stamina Doorway trainer Plus pull up bar Built for durability and comfort, this is the ultimate training tool to strengthen and develop your shoulders, arms and your back. You can easily do your regular exercise with its good padding a comfortable grip. None claimed that it flexed up their body weight and I didn’t see anyone who reviewed this bar question its strength. This heavy duty tool also support up to 250 pounds.



The Stamina Doorway Trainer plus provide you great upper body workout on and off door-frame. It Provides five different grip positions which help you to build your shoulders, arms and back with one small equipment piece to get full benefits of pull-ups.

Stamina Doorway Trainer plus FeatuStamina Doorway Trainer Plus pull up barres

Push ups Versatility:

This Product has offered you three normal grip positions and two hammer grip positions. This is excellent for pull-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips and push-ups. For each variation, you work for a different muscle group on your body.

So built for durability and comfort, this is the crucial training tool to strengthen and exhibit your biceps, forearms, back muscles and chest muscles. The different transforms will fixate on a different muscle.

Easy to assemble and install:

Simple assembly, portable and attaches and removes easily from the door frame. Easily fits standard door frame. You need to spend only 15 minutes assembling this item. It comes with non-slip comfort grips, which help you prevent any unexpected danger. Most of time when customer review pull-up bars you finds that people receive the wrong screws or bolts. But I didn’t see with the stamina doorway trainer plus. You can also find instructions detailed inside. You should also know that important made in USA origin Disclaimer.


The item is shockingly light. You can comfortable carry it and easy to move around when to find the right place to work out.

By that don’t let the lightweight design fool you- it still uses solid steel construction and the finish on the metal is good and the foam padding is high-quality. Additionally, by it being lightweight lessens odds of damage if there should be an occurrence of misusing. It’s really more suitable than wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

Ease of Use and Comfort:

All the pull up bar of stamina doorway trainer plus have this facility which is magnificent for the users.Sometimes people are turned off by how uncomfortable and difficult using a pull up bar can be. The Stamina Doorway trainer plus can holds people up to 250 pounds. It also comes with thick padding and non-slop comfort grips which confirm your secure and comfortably as your exercise.

In short, you are 100% secure as long as you are in the range of the required 250Ibs.

Note: If you really straggle with your pull-ups and want to do more pull ups then best pull up assist bands help you.

what we like (Pros)Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

  • Multiple grip positions allow you to build and tone upper body muscles
  • Simple assembly and portable
  • Professional quality and very handy
  • Has thick padding and non-slip comfort grips
  • Easy attaches and removes from the door frame
  • 1-year frame/90-day parts warranty
  • you can easily do your push-ups with it like push up bar.

what we don’t like (Cons)

  • Required sturdy door frame with trim, assembled Dimensions 37″ x 16″ x 11″

Here is what customers are saying.

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus has most highly rated on the market today.

“I love this bar; I’ve used it every day since I got it. It is very sturdy and holds my 200-pound father with no problem; I am very satisfied with this product”

“The bar feels sturdy and I didn’t have any issues with weak nuts or bolts. I just tightened the nuts until the lock washers were flat, which required some force on a few, but not overly difficult. Fits perfectly on my doorway.  Main bar is about 36″ wide, see photos”

Before buying any kind of pull up bar just check our bar buying guide.

Is It Price Fairly?

The Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus is valued ideal amidst that on most online business stores, which would make it a decent deal. You should have real idea about its pricing and this tools price is very fair.

You can easily buy with discount price.

At last, I just say this product seems to be sturdy and well made. The finish on the metal is very good and the foam padding is high quality. The instructions were clear inside and it was easy to put together. I think this is likely one of the best pull-up bars of this type. (In addition, if there is a better one, I am not sure why you would want it.)

Sunny Health & Fitness Door way Chin up Bars Review

sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar remains within your budget while giving you the Strength and Stable that you require. It is really going to help you when you are planning for to develop your upper body or muscle an easy way.


sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar/pull up bar is cheapest and extremely popular strong durable pull up bar. The Doorway pull up bar is made from chrome plated steel bar. The bar you can install easily of mounting bracket or screw and it’s technically much secured to use. Its soft hand grips ensure maximum stability and grip and also provide up to 220Ibs weight capacity. We recommend using them to have full control of your workout and strongest asset as it allows.

sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar is an ultimate multi-tool workout bar and a lot more workout option than its name implies. In additional it being able to pull-ups leg lifts or sit-ups also crunches. This bar can likewise be mounted lower on the door frame. In this option you can utilize the bar secure your feet various position. For these activities you don’t generally need to utilize the mounting sections.

Yet if you are really looking for a vast advanced with easy installing option read on for our full review of the sunny Health & Fitness Doorway chin up bar than wall mounted pull up bar with low budget.

Key Features Of this product:

  • Extra heavy-duty chrome steel bar
  • Soft foam covered bar for comfort and fully adjustable to any doorway
  • Support Brackets(ensure your are adequately supported during your exercise) and rubber end
  • Max weight capacity of 220 lbs and non-slip
  • Can target every single muscle in your body with multiple grip position
  • Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer and 90-day manufacturer’s parts warranty.

Workout Option: sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar

  • Chin-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunches

Doorway Requirement:

Adjustable length 24.5 to 36 inches


This Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar brings with everything necessary for easy installation in most of doorways Unlike the other Doorway pull up bar. The extendable bar compromise standard door frame widths and the mounting hardware support brackets and rubber ends which make it easy to install.


Benefit of the features:

The Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar deliver on quality in design thorough workout that’s so comfortable to use. This is the perfect unit and basic equipment for anyone who needs to work out on upper body.

what we like (Pros)

  • It’s offer absolute lowest priced doorway pull up bars on the market.
  • It’s allow you to have full control of your workout by its strongest asset.
  • Also allow as a doorway pull up bar extension

what we don’t like (Cons)

  • To set your doorway it’s requires permanent brackets
  • You can only complete a limited number of pull up

What it’s so great and why to use Sunny health & Fitness chin up bar.

Well before I discussed sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar is a complete workout of all my upper body muscles. And also it’s very easy to install. Using this pull up bar you definitely going to build a lot of lean muscle mass and also target your back, biceps and other upper body muscles. It does a lot of loss to our posture. And you will feel better throughout the day because of your muscles building cardiovascular gains. So if you get pure benefit of pull up bar sunny health chin up/pull up bar is perfect choice for you with low budget.

Note: If you don’t able to do more pull ups then best pull up assist bands will help you.

Do you have the following problems with your tools?

Do pull up bars damage your doors or wall?

Doorway pull up bar fails!

Home pull up bar doesn’t fit doorway?

Doorway pull up bar extension.

Let me to solve the problem?

If you make sure that you like up the padding perfectly every time it won’t but if it’s a bit it will do a little damage with time.

Sometime it’s happen but don’t worry it’s just happen when your door frame is shit. So first fixed your door frame. The actual bar has been excellent.

Well before buying you can just check out its dimension. You can also fixed your problem by using the pipe extensions.

Normally pull up bar consider to fit standard type of door frame while the sunny health & Fitness is not fit it will extend from 26 inch to 37 inch.

Before buying any kind of bar check our pull up bar buying guide first.

Here is what customers are saying..

Easy to install and works great.

Finally – a simple bar for chin-ups – mounted in my bathroom doorway, door closes just fine and its used all the time!

In my opinion, the best ‘home’ pull-up bar I’ve used. I greatly prefer this style to the atrocious ones that are wedged into the door frame, as they can slip and also damage the door frame and surrounding walls. Anyone considering a pull up bar should definitely look at sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar option.

Last work on the sunny health chin up bar.

The bar is very easy to install, installation took 5 minutes in your hall closet door frame just what you wanted. Now you thought it would turn but no it keeps well can withstand your weight.

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Pro Source Multi-Grip Heavy Duty Doorway Bar Review

To stay Fit and develop your hole muscles specially your upper body and your back , and much more ProSource multi-grip pull up bar/Chin up bar  is one of the best Pull up bar available in the market.In your busy life if you are in a hurry or don’t want to waste your all day in in gym ,heavy duty steel, different grip option and as a portable pull up bar it can assist you like your loyal attendant.



This Doorway pull up bar can help you develop the above mentioned area you want to develop. Being an ProSource multi-grip pull up bar while using it is almost comfortable unlike the Wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

The Pro Source heavy duty pull up bar provide you as many as grip position which you can customize according your own need. This is why Multi-grip pulls up bar takes your upper body exercise to a next level. And it provide the best workout for the whole muscles also provides a simple way to strengthen you back, shoulders, arms and abs from a variety of angles.

Your problem became solve. Simple continue till the end of this short presentation .At the end of this short presentation, your problem are going to be solved forever.

ProSource multi-grip pull up bar

Is it the big deal what’s best about the ProSource multi-grip pull up bar and what you can consider with this tools. Well it has so many grip option (5 totals) including the traditional neutral, wide and narrow but also another wide hold and a side grip. The several grips deliver you to target multiple muscle groups in your arms, back, shoulders etc. Then you can also place it lower to help with sit-ups by take it off the upper door frame anytime.

What’s more, flip it over on the floor for push up holds.

Note: Best pull up assist bands help you to do more pull-ups with comfort If you know how to do pull ups properly.

Key Features Of this product

The first feature you should look at with the best Multi-Grip pull up bar is how easy it is to use. Pull up bar need to be well balanced in order to be useful.

  • 12 comfortable grips & various handles allow you to perform wide, hammer, close-grip exercises
  • This bar gives you the option of standard wide grip pull ups, Chin up(reverse Grip) Hammer Grip Pull Up (Palms Facing) and also allow pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, dips, and leg raisesProSource multi-grip pull up bar
  • Slip-in design fits standard doorways for quick installation. Assembly guide included.
  • Exercise guide included and easy stay fit at home for its portable design.
  • Made of high grade steel allow user up to 300 pounds and includes a limited lifetime warranty
  • No bolts, screw or nails to adhere it to your door frame. Just place it on your door frame and start safely training.

Cons of this pull up bar:

  • Must be used on a sturdy door-frame with a door that is between 24’’-36’’

Different Grip option and Workout Option:

This pull up bar has five different grip position which give you following workout option:

  • Pull up (Overhand Grip)
  • Chin up (Reverse Grip)
  • Three Pull up grip position




  • Hammer Grip Pull Up
  • Push Up
  • Triceps Dips
  • Leg Raises
  • Oblique curls


Why you use Pro-Source Multi-grip pull up bar

The Pro Source Heavy duty multi-grip doorway pull up bar become a great piece of home exercise tools for those amazing option

Before buying any kind of bar read our buying guide first.

Build Every Muscles

This tool is a simple and effective way to strength your whole upper body in the comfort in your sweet home.  Cushioned foam grips offer you to perform variations of wide, close-grip pull-ups and chin-ups. You can also place on the floor for triceps dips and push-ups. So what do you think ProSource multi-grip pull up bar is able to do developed your whole muscle that you desired and get full benefits of pull-up at a time.

Assembly and Installation:

You can install it within a short time with your door frame without damage to your doors or walls. Assembly is easy and you can set within 15 minute. As a portable device it allows you to remove it and place against the base of any door frame using the grips to support your feet during crunches or sit-ups.


You will have to set your budget first to buy this tool. The Pro-Source priced I think of that range for affordable at-home convenience.

Final Words about Pro Source

in the event that you consider your exercises important and might want to add some variety to your exercises, this item ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown for at home fitness equipment.

Iron gym pull up bar Review | Find Everything Inside

John the last year The iron gym total upper body workout bar user provide a positive review. How to determine what is the best user interface upper body workout for you is that bars. The iron gym pull up bar review is capable of providing an indoor and outdoor exercise that you desired. This bar also can guarantee you of a safety, easy and effective upper body building. There are so many Pull up bars providers online today. This is the reason why you might become overwhelmed with what you want to buy since the options are limitless. It is immediate you know why you are buying the pull up bar what is the benefit of pull up bar and what you want to realize.

If you looking for a multipurpose Pull-up bar this could be one the perfect choice for you. It’s also you simple incorporate a quick workout into your daily exercise routine with low budget. Yet, if you are really looking for a vast advanced, permanent bar this is not the right picks for you. Let’s take a look some details which really help you reach a final verdict.

Iron gym pull up bar Review

The iron gym pull up bar is very lightweight, which makes it not only easy to use but also very comfortable for this perfect design. iron gym pull up bar is a great choice if you want a compact tool that promises to sculpt your upper body through pull-ups chin ups and abdominal work. And that’s just a versatile pull up bar which just hanging high on your door frame without any damage. If you need you can move the Iron gym workout bar to the ground and you can use it to redact push ups to work your biceps, dips to work you triceps and chest and sit ups to hit you abs.

Iron gym pull up bar is very strong with durable steel construction. But the ideal thing is that it can be easily move around without permanently binding it to anything. You can easily install and don’t need to drill holes, attach fasteners or use any bolts, screws or tools at all.

Key Features Of this product

  • Quick and easy to install, Foam padding for gripping at various positions
  • Uses Leverage to stay steadily in place without any screws
  • Doesn’t cause any damage on your wall or doorway.
  • Easy to attached to doorways between 24 and 32 inches
  • Can be used for pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches and lot more
  • Three different type of grip position narrow, wide and neutral
  • Target you back, biceps and other upper body muscles
  • Holds up to 300 Pounds
  • Very solid with durable steel frame

Do you have the following problems with your tools

Pull up bar work slowly?

Gets Frequent break down.

Need to focus more option?

Get damage you home?

Is it too heavy to use?

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Your life gets hard and even harder with a simple tools like pull up bar.

It gets frequent breakdown and you have to waste time and money repairing it.

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Let me tell you what you need..

You need more powerful and heavy pull up workout bar.

You need to be able to control your safety, easy and effective upper bodybuilding and various positions.

Need a lightweight and portable option.

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Introducing ‘’Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar review’’

Quick feature

Product Dimensions

13 x 36.6 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight

5.5 pounds

Customer reviews

Amazon best seller

Grip option

3 different grip

Weight capacity


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Here is how it can change your lifeiron gym pull up bar

  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more
  • You can perform three different grip position like neutral, narrow and wide also
  • Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. Installs in seconds

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Here is what customers are saying..

‘’Overall good, bar does start to flex in the middle over time’’

‘’I still use this like every day! It is in the hallway so when I walk by I just do a pull up or two. It’s really helpful and pull up assist bands also help me to do more pull ups”

“It was awesome made me lose weight and it was a pretty low price this idem makes you have a good work out along with grip so you don’t slip off”