Sunny Health & Fitness Door way Chin up Bars Review

sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar remains within your budget while giving you the Strength and Stable that you require. It is really going to help you when you are planning for to develop your upper body or muscle an easy way.


sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar/pull up bar is cheapest and extremely popular strong durable pull up bar. The Doorway pull up bar is made from chrome plated steel bar. The bar you can install easily of mounting bracket or screw and it’s technically much secured to use. Its soft hand grips ensure maximum stability and grip and also provide up to 220Ibs weight capacity. We recommend using them to have full control of your workout and strongest asset as it allows.

sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar is an ultimate multi-tool workout bar and a lot more workout option than its name implies. In additional it being able to pull-ups leg lifts or sit-ups also crunches. This bar can likewise be mounted lower on the door frame. In this option you can utilize the bar secure your feet various position. For these activities you don’t generally need to utilize the mounting sections.

Yet if you are really looking for a vast advanced with easy installing option read on for our full review of the sunny Health & Fitness Doorway chin up bar than wall mounted pull up bar with low budget.

Key Features Of this product:

  • Extra heavy-duty chrome steel bar
  • Soft foam covered bar for comfort and fully adjustable to any doorway
  • Support Brackets(ensure your are adequately supported during your exercise) and rubber end
  • Max weight capacity of 220 lbs and non-slip
  • Can target every single muscle in your body with multiple grip position
  • Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer and 90-day manufacturer’s parts warranty.

Workout Option: sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar

  • Chin-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunches

Doorway Requirement:

Adjustable length 24.5 to 36 inches


This Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar brings with everything necessary for easy installation in most of doorways Unlike the other Doorway pull up bar. The extendable bar compromise standard door frame widths and the mounting hardware support brackets and rubber ends which make it easy to install.


Benefit of the features:

The Sunny Health & Fitness door way pull up bar deliver on quality in design thorough workout that’s so comfortable to use. This is the perfect unit and basic equipment for anyone who needs to work out on upper body.

what we like (Pros)

  • It’s offer absolute lowest priced doorway pull up bars on the market.
  • It’s allow you to have full control of your workout by its strongest asset.
  • Also allow as a doorway pull up bar extension

what we don’t like (Cons)

  • To set your doorway it’s requires permanent brackets
  • You can only complete a limited number of pull up

What it’s so great and why to use Sunny health & Fitness chin up bar.

Well before I discussed sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar is a complete workout of all my upper body muscles. And also it’s very easy to install. Using this pull up bar you definitely going to build a lot of lean muscle mass and also target your back, biceps and other upper body muscles. It does a lot of loss to our posture. And you will feel better throughout the day because of your muscles building cardiovascular gains. So if you get pure benefit of pull up bar sunny health chin up/pull up bar is perfect choice for you with low budget.

Note: If you don’t able to do more pull ups then best pull up assist bands will help you.

Do you have the following problems with your tools?

Do pull up bars damage your doors or wall?

Doorway pull up bar fails!

Home pull up bar doesn’t fit doorway?

Doorway pull up bar extension.

Let me to solve the problem?

If you make sure that you like up the padding perfectly every time it won’t but if it’s a bit it will do a little damage with time.

Sometime it’s happen but don’t worry it’s just happen when your door frame is shit. So first fixed your door frame. The actual bar has been excellent.

Well before buying you can just check out its dimension. You can also fixed your problem by using the pipe extensions.

Normally pull up bar consider to fit standard type of door frame while the sunny health & Fitness is not fit it will extend from 26 inch to 37 inch.

Before buying any kind of bar check our pull up bar buying guide first.

Here is what customers are saying..

Easy to install and works great.

Finally – a simple bar for chin-ups – mounted in my bathroom doorway, door closes just fine and its used all the time!

In my opinion, the best ‘home’ pull-up bar I’ve used. I greatly prefer this style to the atrocious ones that are wedged into the door frame, as they can slip and also damage the door frame and surrounding walls. Anyone considering a pull up bar should definitely look at sunny health and fitness doorway chin up bar option.

Last work on the sunny health chin up bar.

The bar is very easy to install, installation took 5 minutes in your hall closet door frame just what you wanted. Now you thought it would turn but no it keeps well can withstand your weight.

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