Pull Up Training Guide for Women

Today’s females don’t exercise to be thin – they are proud of their muscle tone and their strength capabilities. Pull ups are the ultimate demonstration of upper body strength and there are many women who express their desire to master the perfect pull up.

It’s a simple, functional movement that engages back, shoulders, arms, core and grip strength. Investing in a few simple pieces of quality home gym equipment is a fantastic way to work on your fitness, especially for women who might work from home or have young children to care for. Being able to steal just a minute or two here and there can result in big progress in your strength and fitness goals over time. It will save you money compared to gym membership fees and is a convenient way to develop a consistent exercise routine.

I’m a big believer in the power of taking small, consistent action to achieve big goals. If you can’t perform a single pull up yet, there are a number of other exercises you can be doing to edge you closer to your pull up goals. Investing in a pull up bar for home, which is actually a relatively inexpensive piece of gym equipment, is a great way of incorporating your goals to achieve the perfect pull up in to your daily rhythm at home.

best pull up guide for women
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