Do Pull up bar damage to your wall and how to protect against it

Pull-ups and chin-ups is a great way to improve upper body strength is to start a fitness routine. There are different ways to do this exercise, but most are interested in performing these exercises at their sweet home. A pull up bar device is a great addition to you daily workout routine, particularly if you intend to building your different muscles. However, most of pull up bar users claimed that when installed it cause damage to the wall above the door. and it is a common problem that Pull up bar door frame damage.Well every product has user plaint. No product is perfect. You can easily prevent your problem simple continue until the end of this short presentation. At the end of this short presentation your problem are going too solved forever.

Pull up bar door frame damage and How to protect against it

Normally user faced two most common problems with pull up bars

  • The product not fitting their door frame
  • Pull up bar damage to their walls or doors


Here’s how to easily avoid this problem.

Now days there are a variety of pull-up bar on the market and its very importance to choice right on your door frame wide. Check out our comparison page here and only select high quality pull u bars which suitable for your door frame. Make sure you read the individual reviews as well.

Some pull up bar will extend from 26 inch to 37 inches so do not worry. Well before buying, you can just check out its dimension. You can also fix your problem by using the pipe extensions. In this case we recommend to check iron gym pull up bar which easy to set any standard door-frame.

If you don’t damage to your door. Just you do need trim around the door; the top trim is what keeps the pull-up bar in position.

For avoid extra pressure both your body and your wall you can use pull up assist bands also.

When you ready to use this tools you can also following below

  • Install this bar correctly and stable area.
  • Used which already have built-in protective padding and grips
  • To get the best measurements possible before purchasing a door frame pull-up bar, take initial measurements from several areas.
  • To prevent damage to the door frame and surrounding areas, place a towel or rag between the frame and the bar.

If you simply avoid your potential damage you must selected perfect one and buying the Right Pull up bar.

There are three things in particular that you need to look for in any Doorway pull up bar, when it comes to avoiding door frame damage:

  • Is the pull up bar high quality and in particular has build in foam padding build for prevent door frame or wall damage.
  • Making sure that your pull up bar Perfect FITS your door frame
  • doorway pull up bar installation Perfectly



Keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from harm to the door frame and encompassing ranges, put a towel or cloth between the edge and the bar. When performing pull-ups, regularly there will be a great deal of shaking of the bar, which could harm zones where the bar may rub.

Take after the establishment guidelines precisely to keep away from any superfluous harms. On the off chance that the bar does not appear to fit accurately and the bearings were taken after precisely, consider acquiring a substitute model. In the event that you need to add pieces to make the bar work, it most likely is not the right sort of bar for the door frame.

So just, be confirming you’re safely installed and enjoy our home gym experience.

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