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Students are encouraged to engage in regular exercise because it has been found to stimulate brain cell growth. Research has showed that students who exercise have more neurons than those who do not and they also perform better in cognitive tests. In addition, exercise for students helps to improve memory retention and increases focus and concentration. Exercise is also a good way for students to release stress resulting from studying, lectures and exams.

Students are usually very busy with their regular tuition and on way say that they do not really have time to exercise. However, with the benefits highlighted above, every student should spare a few minutes to exercise because it helps improve their general performance in school.

The following exercise can be incorporated into your busy schedule if you are a student:

Walking A Simple but effective Exercise for students

This is very simple exercise but it is very effective.

Walk home from school if it is not far or pick the bus at a stop further from your house. So that you have to cover a distance to get to the bus.

When in school, take advantage of the breaks given between lectures to walk around. It helps to ensure that you are alert and fresh as well helps burn some fat.


Instead of always waiting for the elevator when moving from on floor to the other, use the stairs instead. This helps you burn some calories and is guaranteed to make you alert for your next class or study time.

You do not have to start with going you all the way to the highest floor in the building. Start with going up the stairs two floors and keeping challenges yourself to cover more floors using the stairs.


You can start slowly by doing 10 squats and increasing the number from there. You can do squats at home before sitting down for studies or doing homework.

Squats help to build your leg muscles and also create an anabolic environment that helps promote body-wide muscle building.


Meditation can be very difficult because the brain works non-stop and this makes it very hard to train your brain to be quiet for some time.

exercise for studentsHowever, mediation has great benefits to the brain because it reduces stress, improves memory, improves your mood and learning ability, increases your attention span as well as concentration.

Meditation can be through sitting or walking and you therefore need to find what works for you.

It is a process and takes time to master so do not beat yourself up because you could not do it well within the first few trials keep trying and do your research on how to properly meditate. Star by sitting for 5 minutes’ sessions with breaks in between and increase the time you sit as you progress.

During meditation you do not have to shut your eyes completely. In fact, for a beginner it is advised that you keep your eyes open to avoid doing off. In addition, you have to watch the posture you take because with a wrong posture you can easily find yourself dozing off and it also obstructs proper berating.


Research has shown that aerobics help to pump blood to your brain, giving it oxygen and the nutrients that it needs to function properly. In addition, they help burn calories. Some aerobic exercises that you can do as a student include jogging, running, aerobic dancing, swimming or jumping rope.

Activities like jogging, running and jumping you can do them in the school’s playground and if your school has a swimming pool then can do laps there.

When you start doing aerobic exercises, do each for at least 10 minutes to start with so that you do not strain and then you can increase the time as your body gets used to the work out.

In conclusion, exercise is very important to students just as it is important to the rest of us. Students need to ensure that they burn the excess calories and that their brains remain sharp. So that they are able to take in what they learn in school. The above listed exercises do not need to consume too much if your time as a student and require almost no money since most of what is needed is at your disposal either at home or in school.

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