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This website might have been started because of my interest in pull up training, but if you haven’t guessed, I’m pretty passionate about fitness in general. Specifically, I’m a stickler about taking care of your body in a way that will see it lasting out your years, long after you care about having a six-pack or a ripped physique. I see so many guys enjoy their twenties with massive frames and bulging muscles from hitting the weights hard, only to end up doing serious injuries to their shoulders or blowing a bicep tendon in their thirties because they never took the time to work on mobility and flexibility. Good technique, proper recovery and focusing on mobility over pure strength means reducing injuries and getting the most out of your body for the long run.

If you share my passion and would like to contribute to my website, feel free to get in touch. I love hearing about the latest fitness products on the market, gym equipment recommendations or interesting articles about injury prevention.

    I began blogging about pull up training with females after helping a couple of my female training buddies who who were fit as, but struggled with mastering this particular movement. I enjoyed working with them to get their perfect pull up happening and realized there are probably others out there facing the same roadblocks when it comes to their training programs.

    pull up training with females
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