3 Week Diet Review | The Simple 3-Week Plan For Weight Loss

3 week Diet Review, Inside this system, the article writer definitely will take you via a process of discovering everything. you may need you ought to know about weight loss, ranging from the important points about body weight. weight-loss to vitamins and additionally specific nourishment tips for taking control of weight gain and also exciting weight weight-loss. Take a close look with this product. the introduction of the handbook will give you a basic idea concept of how your whole lose weight in 3 weeks really works. as well as also clear up some diet concepts such as the food pyramid and also metabolic process.

How 3 week Diet Review work

As mentioned above, the 3 Week Diet is jam packed with by way of a few main portions. what kind of that are diet, exercise, as well as determination, will power and also mindset.

Workout Routine To Lose Weight In 3 Weeks. When it comes In relation to diet part, it contains 4 phases alongside radically various aspects in each one. Brian Flatt indicates that during the course of throughout. the initial week on throughout the diet, people will decrease about 7-10 lbs. Following stages step by step, within the 4th phase, you will get to know understand how calculate the own BMR. And how to use that quantity to the calories and additionally vitamins. you may require every day to guarantee you meet the own weight weight-loss objectives.


Moving to the exercise portion, when the diet alone will transform your own body into a fat burning machine. the exercise routines delivered in the e guide can two fold the results. Workout Routine to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks. Expressly, Brian Flatt explains which most diets do not succeed is because the volume of exercise essential to help make the diet work may need a big amount of time. Reality is, about exercise, weight weight-loss is managed by intensity, not time. Therefore, by making use of The 3 week Diet Review, you will there are some real-world confirmed body shaping and additionally fat burning workouts inside purely 20 to 30 mines each day. also simply 3 days every week.

The last but yet not minimum element that determines the effectiveness of weight loss is the determination of losing body weight and mindset. In truth, this part will can help shall help your energy through. the own definitely will electric power challenges and present a host of simple and easy to adhere to options. which mostly ensure your achievements in this diet.

What included in the program?

The 3 week Diet Review is comprised of some manuals things & there are:

You can easily find inside it why we get fat and the science behind it. this discuss what to do and which are perfect following guide for you and also covers. And the recommended plan which help you to reduce your weight loss quickly.

You find step by step instructions with calculation your BMR and how it effects on your body. In addition, what you need to eat for reduce lose weight.

This gives step by step instruction how to do full body workout and fat blasting workout. And also explain in workout what to eat and when to eat.

Give some motivation plan which really help you to inspire and do more workout. So you don’t need to use other exercise tools like pull up bar or push up bars.

Why you selected this on

Easily reduce your weight if you stick to it.

Very easy to read books and follow exercise and diet

If you follow the plan and recipes, it’s also benefited for your family with portion modifications of course

Definitely changed your life you follow this plan perfectly

What you like (Pros)

Very negligible price for any user

Five star product on amazon

Have some great recipe which love you family member also

Find our the different way to eating

What you don’t like (Cons)

Someone complained on it is so expensive

Final verdict

As with any kind of weight loss program like 3 week Diet Review you need to apply you 100% afford to see your desired result. You don’t expect it overnight, but this 60-days risk free guarantee. If you really willing to take action, then I recommend you 3 week diet system is perfect.

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill Review for 2020

When fitness is your ultimate concern, you will obviously look for something that offers maximum value for your money in terms of fitness at home. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill is exactly one of those types. This is an industry leading product and have been proven its applicability already as it has a huge fan base.

I was excited when I had a chance to try this tool. Continue reading if you want to read a proper review about Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill.

Features of Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

The Folding ability: As it is understood from the name of the product, one of the main features of this treadmill is the folding ability. The treadmill can be kept folding as it has an easy assist folding design. The great part is that you won’t have to face any trouble while folding and unfolding the machine as the automatic feature does things automatically.

Standard display: Who does not want to have a big LCD screen display on the treadmill? Yes, Sole Fitness F80 provides exactly that as it has a purely vibrant blue screen which helps you to know information such as pace, speed, heart rate, calorie and etc. This is a standard display but a really useful one to use.

Message Board: This is something that you possibly didn’t see in other regular treadmills. There is an integrated message board in Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill which allows you to receive scrolling messages as guides about workout. This is a really helpful method for a lot of reasons. I used this to recap my whole workout session. You can use it for that too.

High Torque Motor:  I personally like this feature a lot. All treadmills which are from the Sole category should have torque motors as they all have heavy chassis and body. You don’t want a vibrating treadmill when you run on it and this treadmill ensures that experience for you.

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Other Specs of Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

  • Two-ply belts with four layers
  • Running surface of 22 by 60 inches in width and length
  • Weighted 265 pounds
  • Sound system with Mp3 compatibility
  • Speed range of 0.5 to 12 Mph per hour
  • 265 pound weighted

What we like (Pros)

Power motor: Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill provides 3.5 CHP,Dc type motor with 0.5-12 MPH High speed range Which is quite enough for any person. And 0-15 percent rack and pinion gear design go down. You will not feel the slow speed or high speed. And users also monitor their heat rate with chest strap heart rate monitoring.

Total stop system: Fitness F80 folding treadmill have six standard programs, two are heart program, two are custom able program one cooling fans and have sound system and have 7.5-inch LCD display, so you can relax and use the device without thinking much more. Those facility makes our device more attractive.

Dimension: F80 Have standard measures and it’s measures 35(W) by 80(D) by 58(H) inches, Deck measures 35(W) by 80(D) inches. Surface is 22(W) by 60(D) inches and weight capacity 265 pounds and maximum or limit weight capacity is 375 pounds.

Warranty: F80 folding treadmill offers various warranty on different purchase for secures your valuable investment. Any defecting materials and workmanship lifetime for frame, deck and motor. Five years’ warranty on electronics. And you able to take two years’ labor.

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

× Some of the users said that before the first time and got error with LS1. These problems you might find in most of trade mill.

× Some users said that very hard to assemble.

Final verdict

In short, this is a good treadmill to buy if your priority is exercise first and then everything else. This treadmill will ensure a brilliant exercise experience for you. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill

All the devices have some benefits and cons. You have to choose an equipment that actually fulfills your requirement. Sole Fitness F80 Folding treadmill is a such a device that fulfills all your requirement. You will get all kind of fecality from this amazing treadmill. Besides, you are getting five years of warranty, so that you don’t have to spend any extra money during this five year and yours spend money will be safe. All kind of great facilities make this exercise tools a compact one and one of the best trade mill available in the market.

Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine Review 2020

Do you want to stay in shape while working out at the comfort of your home? It is a tough task no matter what people say. There are people who have been successful working out from home but at the end of the day, it is all because of the right equipment and one of those right equipment is Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine. In this article, I am going to review Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine. Read if you want to know more about this machine.

People are now busier for their daily word and it’s really hard to maintain time for proper exercise for healthy lifestyle. But everyone tries to fit himself by doing some exercise and Rowing machine are exceptionally great at providing this kind of home workout. You can easily store in your home anywhere as like treadmill or pull up bar.

Features of Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine

Powerful Cylinders: Cylinder is always the most important part of rowing machines. I was curious about the cylinder part of Kettler Favorite. Frankly speaking, I was not too sure whether this one will have a powerful cylinder or not but what I saw is really interesting. There are two hydraulic cylinders with continuous resistance and ergonomic seat in this machine.

Standard Weight Capacity: What is your weight? Do you weight more than 300 pounds? If your weight is less than 300 pounds then this machine will work fine for you. The measurement is around 49 x 31 x 10 inch which suits most people.

Programmed: Almost all fitness equipments are now coming into market with intelligent computing system. This machine is another example of that. There is an intelligent program which can help you in managing your workout successfully. You can provide the distance and stroke speed in the computer and things will be adjusted automatically.

Comfortable to deal with: One of the main attribute which should be present in any fitness equipment is the comfort. User should always find it comfortable to use the fitness machines as they are not always used by only the young people or by men. Often women and older people also use these machines. This company kept this thought into mind while designing this machine as it is really comfortable to use.

Other Specifications of Kettler Favorite Rowing Machine

  • Circular rowing motion
  • Adjustable tilt from flat up to 45 degree angle
  • Foldable
  • Display to check speed, time, stroke, distance and so on
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Established company

Quick Feature

Product Dimension

30.7 x 48.8 x 10.2 inches

Shipment weight

56.3 pounds

Made by


Maximum capacity

285 lbs


Pulse Reader

What you like (PROS)

Brand: Kettler is one of the most popular brands and make special all kind of fitness equipment and various kind of product since 1949

Total body workout: Kettler offer you to do total body workout, and as you adjust the resistance for the arms you will also discover it more hard to straighten the legs.

Assembly: It’s very easy to assemble KETTLER rowing machine and it’s just some minute without any hustle.

accessories: Remember when you take on your hand KETTLER providing a pulse reader and you able to measure pulse electronically.

What we don’t like (Cons)

No adjustment on resistance on legs

Adjusting resistance can be tough

Tough to setup if anyone doesn’t have any mechanical experience

Final Verdict:

To conclude, this is a good machine if you are interested to be fit without having too much trouble. You can definitely try this one out. All in all, KETTLER rowing machine provide great service who really want a good cardio and total body workout with simple way without any injury. There are lot of brands and more expensive models similes to this one, but you might not want all those. However, if you looking perfect and basic rowing machine with quality and budget as well as affordability, the KETTLER favorite rowing machine is the model that’s you looking for.


Portable Pull-up & Push-up Bar – For Inverted Pull-ups Reviews

Now you workout anywhere and everywhere when you want with portable pull up bar. You can use it as outdoor pull up bar dip station also. 


Doorway or wall mounted pull up bars are great for all time—if you can use them? However, how many women or children actually buy or use pull-ups bars? How many people over 35 or else who have added a several pound buying pull up bars? Today i discuss with you about portable pull up bar


You should have known that pull-ups and push-ups are the fastest way to add shape and tone to your upper body. Tragically, both men and women disregard pull-ups for a few distinct reasons. What they don’t have the foggiest idea, is that over-looking pull-ups can lead to unexplained upper back pain caused by muscle imbalance.

Why a portable pull up bar could be great for your home workout

Nowadays portable pullup and dip bar become became very popular for its amazing benefits. If you continue with my short presentation, I want to share with you some reasons why a portable puller bar could be just what you need for your home workout.

portable pull up bar


First reason

Now the first reason is that It’s portable so if you wouldn’t work out in your living room in front of the TV. You can do it the convenience of your living room if you want to work outside you can take it outside at the office on the road.

Second reason

The second reason is that you don’t have to worry about bolting anything into a doorway are our widget of the into a doorway. you don’t even need a doorway because it’s portable. so no tense about pull up bar damage to your wall.

Third reason

The Third reason why it’s gonna be great for you is a complete total body workout.

Fourth reason

You can use different purpose like children pull up bar, portable pull up and dip bar, portable outdoor pull up bar,portable pull up bar freestanding and it’s more suitable for female pull up program.


How to use portable pull up bar

If you work out at home a lot of people will do a push-up with push up bars but they neglect that pulling motion. you have to understand this with the portable pull up bar what’s great or what you need to understand is that pull-ups work only half your upper body hat work your chest your shoulders in your triceps which is really important but what about your back and your biceps and your forearm by doing an inverted. Pull up bar now as you work you back your biceps before the exact same way you would pretty much do when you doing a pull-ups remember nobody would ever just do bicep curls without also doing triceps. So don’t just do push-ups without doing the pulling motion.

The last thing is what when working out all you have to do just fold it up to get it out of the way. it’s that simple that easy if you know the perfect pull up bar guide.


Why you use portable pull-up & push-ups bar

PULL-UPS and PUSH-UPS focus all the major muscles of your upper body.

PULL-UPS target your Back, Biceps, and Forearms. Half Your Upper Body
PUSH-UPS hit Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps…..The Other Half of Your Upper Body!

It’s made of lightweight steel, strong enough to hold a 300-pound person, up to 6 feet 4 inches tall

portable pull up bar



  • No Bolts, No doorway no tools be required
  • Get the same Benefits of regular Pull-ups for your back and biceps
  • Workout in your TV room, living room, outside, the office, on the road. It’s PORTABLE
  • In 5 minutes…Get a high Upper Body Workout doing pull-ups and push ups
  • it can fold up to be flat for easy storage

  • Price is little bit high

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How wide is the whole apparatus? Thanks, just thinking of where to store it.

Answer: It’s only about 3.5 feet wide, but it has swiveling legs which allow you to fold it and store it easily, almost like a folding chair. It can be stored in a closet, under a bed, hanging on a wall, etc. Storage should be no problem at all.

Question: Can I do push up from the top bar

Answer: It is not recommended or designed for push ups of the top bar

Customer Reviews

“This helps for people who can’t do pull-ups. Good workout. Decent quality. If you do not have a place to do pull ups then it will help. If you have access to a pull up bar look into a strap to help assist in lifting you up”

“Great buy, helping me out tremendously with my pull-ups and bar hangs”

Final Verdict

Overall, this portable Pull-ups and push-ups bar more ideally suited for those who want to do total upper body workout. This portable pull up bar designed for both man and female pull up program.

Pellor Adjustable pull up bar children gym rings | Kids pull up bar

As an adjustable pull up bar pellor offers great for pull-ups and chin-ups, allows you to get a challenging upper body workout for you children as kids pull up bar.

Pellor adjustable ring with buckle pull up bar designed for the next generation of athletes especially for children as a kids pull up bar. Not only does the Kids Pull Up Bar show progression to the smaller budding athletes, but is also an absolute alternative to using ply boxes or lifting them onto a standard height pull up bar. There are very few kids pull up bar are available in market with kids in mind. This adjustable pull up bar, which designed for very small kids in mind. So if you looking for a pull up bar for your kids, this possibly best pull up bar you can get as of early 2017.

Benefits of this adjustable Pull Up bar

  • Exclusively bar that offer with adjustable gym ring to swing on
  • This bar holds up to 440Ibs if installed correctly

Remember strength training not only many benefits over another type of exercise, kids Pull Up bar also invitation to children’s favor to alternate brief bouts of high-effort movement with longer season of rest. Strength training also provides ocular reinforcement, because young exercise can freely see how much weight that is lifting and how much progress they have made. kids Pull Up bar.Someone using pull up assist bands with doorway pull up bar, remember it’s become very dangerous for your child.


adjustable pull up bar

How many grips position adjustable pull up bar offer?

The pellor adjustable pull up bar made of solid (not hollow) PP plastic and adjustable high-density polypropylene webbing which offer you Two main grip position,

  • Overhand grip
  • Underhand grip

The maximal benefit to this bar yet, is probably the rings and adjustable straps that come with it. Overall, Comfortable teardrop shape specifically sized for a child’s grip as ceiling mounted pull up bar or wall mounted bar.

Highlight Benefits and Feature

This adjustable pull up bar for kids made by solid PP plastic and high-density polypropylene webbing.

 If your baby isn’t tall, you aren’t going to face any major issue with this adjustable height pull up bar. This is able to fulfill all the expectation from the adjustable doorway pull up bar.

Very comfortable with rubber coded grips likes to push up bar kids. Furthermore, for portability and lightness, you can go for this without any hesitation.

Need door length to set this bar 60-100cm and max diameter is 5.3″

You can adjust it any door frame within minute without any hesitation.


The reason why kids should strength train

  1. Strong muscles
  2. Strong bones
  3. Stronger tendons
  4. Stronger ligaments
  5. More muscle
  6. Less gat
  7. Higher metabolism
  8. Greater physical capacity
  9. Greater self-confidence
  10. Lower injury risk

What Exercises Can You Do?

With this bar you can easily do below exercise

  • Traditional shoulder length pull ups
  • Chin up
  • Swinging and holding from the bar( for children)
  • Leg raises

Is it easy to install

This kid pull up bar extremely well-designed bar can support up to 340Ibs when using the pull up bar or chin up bar in addition over 400Ibs when you using the ring. This bar is perfect for pull-ups, allow you to receive a challenging upper body workout. (Remember, It’s very important to do pull ups perfectly)

It’s very easy to install within 15 minutes.  Moreover, it’s a great space saving exercise tools that can be used in the comfort of your own sweet home. This bar is adjustable for almost any standard doorway. In addition, is very easy to install and sets up in seconds.

  • Length: 60cm-100cm(extension)
  • Weight: 1.5kg
We suggest install it between the frame and plane wall.
Install as diagram, then check again to ensure the installation is secured.
Parents to use it should descant children age less than 10.
Please remove the bar after each use, and install it again for next time use.

How to set up Kids pull up bar properly

What We Like (PROS)

  • Comfortable teardrop shape specifically sized for a child’s grip
  • High-quality grip option
  • Easy to adjustable for almost any doorway
  • No slippage cause the foam around the handles is nice too.

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • Pricing is probably high

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How to hang this from tree?

Answer: I hang it on a structure with a screw

Question: How are these installed? Does it need to be screwed in or is it pressure?

Answer Screws and pressure. Screwed into doorway the rod extends out for pressure against the screws. Ours gets daily use for over a month and shows no sign of loosening.

What Are The Consumer Reviews?

“My daughter absolutely loves this. It’s like having a gym outside her bedroom!”

“We installed this quite quickly. Had to make adjustments so that the bar was evenly enlarged on both sides otherwise it would move a little. My son is 4 and loves to do flip tricks using the rings. My husband and I can also use it. This bar holds up to 440lbs if you installed correctly. We are happy with our purchase”

Before buying any kind or bar you just check out our buying guide.

Final Word

For this price, it is an affordable pull up bar for kids that is well built with high quality materials. It delivers the element that is necessary for good workouts for building you kid’s upper body and also give strength training as well. Hope you love it after use.


Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300pound Capacity Review

Are you worried about your heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar and want a really homemade ceiling mounted pull up bar? Then, here is your solution!

Are you worried about your heavy duty workout bar and want a really homemade ceiling mounted pull up bar? Then, here is your solution! Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300pound Capacity is using for your home gym workout bar or commercial use with your heavy duty workout. The Company has designed the pull up bar for using both home and commercial purpose. The compact steel frame design ensures the durability and commercial quality stud/joist mounted system.That is right, The ceiling mounted pull up bar takes your home gym to a new level. It will provide you as many as programs.When choosing pull up bar for exercise, durability, and versatility should be the top two concerns for people.

Feature of CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar/ Heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar:


CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is portable equipment for your home gym, in your basement or garage without spending more time to the gym. The CFF wall mounted pull up bar is something you can easily mount on your wall for a very highly surfeit workout. Every equipment have their own reality to comparative to suspension on the body consume on portable version. Portable and very comfortable to use on the ceiling mounted pull up bar with 300 pound capacity.


We just knew that most of the pull up bar is strong enough to more supporting you.Ceiling mounted Pull up bar is a sturdy and solid equipment perfect for its purpose. The mounted pull up is mostly so much strong enough to hold it on the confidential for the health treatments.

Easy to correspond

Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar comes in an easy installation feature. This heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar are so much easy to repair or installation console. Every installation will be given 5 minutes to 10 minutes only. Assembly is straightforward with all the necessary hardware includes in the Correspond. In just a matter of half an hour, we can have our own pull up bar create to our garage or basement.

Heavy responsibility

Pull up bar ceiling mounted 300pound capability is heavy equipment that provides strenuous workout including Pull ups; it makes 30-35 inches from the wall. This kind of pull up bar are very heavy to responsibility for anyone surfaces. This clearance is something that makes me better and unique on anyone.

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Quick Feature


46 inch wide bar sits 30 inches

Shipment weight

51 pounds

Weight capacity

300 pounds


4.4 out of 5


1.25 inch Grip

Do you have the following problems with your tools

Can the bar be installed on a wall up-side down?

Is it damage on your sweet home wall or ceiling?

Get damage on your regular tools?

Is it too heavy to use?

Vertical length problem facing of the mounting brackets?

I know how it feels like when these happen!

Your life gets hard and even harder with a simple tool like pull up bar.

It gets frequent breakdown and you have to waste time and money repairing it.

You are damage you wall or doorways to install and not to move anywhere that’s you want for heavy weight.

Your problem is solved. Simple continue till the end of this short presentation. At the end of this short presentation, your problem is going to be solved forever….

Let me tell you what you needed to solve those problems

You have to need more powerful and heavy pull up workout bar to solve that problem.

You need to be able to control your safety, easy and effective upper body building and various positions.

Need a light weight and portable option.

Before buying any kind of pull up bar online Check buying guide here.

heavy duty wall mounted pull up bar

What we like (PROS)

  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • Highly durable and sturdy stainless steel design
  • 30 inches out from the wall
  • Able to hold maximum capacity up to 300-compounds

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • The pull up bar is limited edition only in black color or nothing else
  • one is the equipment is heavy and cumbersome, that is might need assistance of other people.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the bar be installed on a wall up-side down?

A: I’m sure it could

Q: Can i put this over a door?

A: I don’t see why not, as long as you have studs and enough space above the door jam to fit the brackets

What customer says?

“I took the advice of many including William b teskey. 16 lag bolts 5-inch 5/16 in center 2 studs and then additional   lag bolts in mount. 2- 2×10 and 2-2×8. Very sturdy for Cross fit and an other bar exercise.”
“Super sturdy, well made”

Final word:

CFF Ceiling/Heavy duty wall Mounted Pull Up Bar provides the best workout for the whole body within a short time. It involves both the upper and lower parts of your body in the workout as well as major muscles and helps you to gain total fitness. So If you are a fitness freak It can definitely be bought for a good experience.

Maximize Pull Up Bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw

Sometime it becomes difficult to choose the best doorway pull up bar that fulfills all your requirements. When you have a medium budget and you want to use it properly in buying the convenient pull up bar you have to depend on a Doorway pull up bar. Keeping your budget in mind you can buy maximiza pull up bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw which is Strength and durable at the same time.

This Maximiza Pull Up Bar Doorway Pull Up. It was simple to install and an effective way to build potency in the chest and arms include screw in installation brackets for use in any doorway Fit doorways up to 32” (81cm only) Durable chrome plated. Maximize pull up bar heavy duty sit-up bar comes with high characteristic chrome longer from grip that home training program. Very comfortable grips are secured to the bar to minimize.

Exclusive Feature of maximiza pull up bar

The Maximiza Pull up Bar is a perfect discoloration to any fitness routine for upper-body strength and toning. Its multipurpose uses include pull-ups, chin-ups; dangling leg raises sit-ups and crunches. It is simple to add more transformation and disadvantage into your Pull-up Bar exercises. The most harder-duty chrome steel bar and the multifarious screw-in door mounts provide safety. You really need exquisite space in your house to do highly feasible body weight troop training. it permanent to fit testimony doorways Intermediates 26 and 36 inches when extended. The heavy duty chrome trencher steel bar comes with ministerial foam extremity grips. There are 3 sets of cincture which can be tanked into up to 3 timbered door frames in your house.

Grip Position:

This bar has so much comfortable hand-grips non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra lenience to minimize hand fatigue. Use for many exercise that’s help user to build muscles and tone the body. And it always offer comfortable grip option than wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.

Build Upper body strength:Maximiza Pull Up Bar

Heavy-duty chrome steel pull-up bar and door mounts provide great corroboration and safety – holds up to 300lbs. (136kg) when properly mounted using supplied screw-in door cincture, it feels safe and secure door. The maximiza pull up bar is perfect for build upper body stringent to Tone and strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs brawn for the consummate upper body workout.

Varieties Usages:

You can easily perform varieties pull-ups or chin ups by using this comfortable grip position including hanging leg raises, sit-ups and crunches and take full benefits of pull ups. Just this one bar allows performing of different exercise with three foam padded grip position.

A chrome plated bar with padded gripsMaximiza Pull Up Bar

The maximiza pull up bar made by heavy-duty chrome steel. It extends from both ends, and has perfectly-placed padding that covers almost the entire bar. The padded grips make them comfortable to hold as also reduce any unexpected danger.

Necessary Information

Product safety and usage information- Install only solid and stable door frames using the mounting supported door mounting kits only. It is mounted to the door frame and the safety of this bar depends on how it is act for the bar.

  • Bottom-line: use your common space and take care to avoid injury and accidents and equipment damage.
  • The Heavy-duty door mounts: 300lbs / 136kg only
  • The Medium-duty door mounts: 200lbs / 90kg only

Note: Pull up assist bands help you to do more pull ups with comforts. If you know how to do pull ups perfectly.

Quick Feature


27.6 x 2 x 2 inches

Shipment weight

4.4 pounds

Weight capacity

300 lbs (136kg)


4.6 out of 5


Multi Grip

What we like (PROS)

  • Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more
  • Three grip positions, narrow, wide, and neutral
  • Uses leverage to hold against the doorway so there are no screws and no damage to door. Installs in seconds

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • If your wall was not so much solid to brief the foundation of bar
  • Loose bolts

Before buying any kind of bar you just check our full buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i hang my 70 pound punching bag from it?

maximiza pull up bar

A: why not, I’m 170 pounds; if it can hold me without falling apart you should be good.

Q: What is the minimum width of the door?

A: The minimum width for this pull up bar is 26 inches



What customer says?

“Great exercise equipment. Easy to install, fits in with decor, secure and sturdy. Glad we made this purchase.

Inexpensive but not cheap.”

“Super sturdy. Mounted it to my wife door frame at work.”

Final Word:

When you plan to invest your valuable money you should be careful about investing it in the right place. Maximize Pull Up Bar – Doorway Pull Up with 3 Sets of Screw is such a product that you don’t have to regret after buying it. If you are planning to buy best pull up bar for home this device is one of your best options.

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar Review

Today Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar is a revolutionary piece of body weight workout tools. As a ceiling Mounted pull up bar you can you can perform all kind of body workout and building major muscles as well.

Are you tense about your back, chest and shoulders development? Are you looking for effective low price piece of upper body workout gym equipment? Are you not interesting to pay for a gym subscription? Are you performing a workout bar anytime and anywhere? Do you get quick result? If your answer to these particular question is yes then, Simple continue till the end of this short presentation .At the end of this short presentation, hope your problem are going to be solved forever.


Highlighted Features

Very few of Pull up bars comes with a maximum weight capacity 300 pound with multi grip option. Therefore, Ultimate body press ceiling mounted pull up bar is dedicated to heavy-duty and stable. So you don’t need to worry about your weight at all.

Second best fact, this come with High density foam grips and three different grip option. Just imagine how effective and perfect it would be when you targeting different muscles group at a time. In additional, all the group provide much comfort as you expect and no worried about slippage.

A high quality bar is something that you may not find attractive at first time. But trust me, ultimate ceiling mounted pull up bar really ensure quality first. And Also no concern about bumping the noggin on the wall or ceiling when you provide maximum weight or doing regular pull ups.

Lastly, the most importance thing that it’s about the user pleasure. This homemade ceiling mounted pull up bar easily not only used for yourself but also for your family member. No need to extra space just hangs up your ceiling with easy installing method which also available into packet.

Product details

Product Dimensions

Fits 16″ and 24″

Shipping Weight

11.2 pounds

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

Grip option

3 Foam Grips

Weight capacity

300 lbs

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar extraordinary feature:

inspires frequent workouts for the results you want in less time with Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar . The new allowance ceiling Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers by Ultimate Body Press fits 16 another 24-inch studs in addition is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and increase gains during workouts. With uncommon features that make it a unique and challenging exercise ingredient to add to any home gym training for the conclusive Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull up Bar is loaded regimen.

Comfortable and effective Grip Option:ceiling mounted pull up bar

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar can perform with 3 hi- consistency foam covered hand grip. whereabouts to development while reducing stress on rapidly increase your muscular your wrists, hands, shoulders with joints ergonomically designed. High density foam grips and three grip option let you focus more muscles over longer workouts to take full benefits of pull ups.

Ergonomic Design Supports Variation and Full Sets:

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar supports focus on form. therefore you can successfully raise rep counts in 3 grip positions. The Ceiling Mount Bar also features a state of the art summation of grip angles previously available only on commercial gym equipment. By giving a more natural hand position when you do parallel grip or chin ups as well as wide grip pull-ups, the finely tuned angled grips help you get around over articulation of the shoulders moreover reduce strain on your wrists and elbows.

Installation: Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ceiling joist spacing without need for modifications for Made to easily fit most common home. You can easily mount on standard 16 inch and 20 inch ceiling joists. It has highly durable and sturdy stainless steel design. The giant bolts it sends with it are heavy duty.

Why you buy this :

The permanence and ergonomics of the pull up bar are well work for novice users to learn full pull up craftsmanship. There are diverse benefit of adding a impossible moreover multi-faceted pull up bar to your education routine. The ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull up Bar is contemplated to be an operative pull up training instrument for the residence user. Since also giving an unwavering, multi- working station for advanced athletic pull-ups, leg raises, bar suspend also hunched twists. Pull ups bar one of the raw material exercises in many bodybuilding and body sculpting programs. If you get push up advantages then it’s also help you.

  • Simple to carriage with simple teaching, template and included hardware’s.
  • Pick from ceiling allows for full “over the bar” pull ups to 14” drop take steps full extensive peak Deflationary.
  • Ceiling or roofing mount design keeps the unit out of the way when not in use and frees up your floor circumstance.
  • Hard and permanent welded steel tubing lets even heavier users train unmistakably.
  • diction pull ups, comparison close grip pull ups and flag pull ups – all with shaven foam luxury grips and 3 Position Hand Grips allow for wide grip let pull-down.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Greater user reviews on Amazon.com

The picked thing about the Joist Mounted Pull up Bar is that absolute Body Press built this thing to last. It has a 250lbs squeeze ardor and can take a thrashing.

What We Don’t Like (Cons)

  1. You need to have other 16” or 24” inter space Intermediates your ceiling cowrie. While most home have either of these, there are some with extraordinary joist spacing, such as 18”. This unit will not familiarize joists that are on 18” middle unless you drill out new cavity yourself.
  2. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull up Bar priced very higher than other mounted pull up bars.

Before buying any kind of bar. read our full buying guide.


The furthermost Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull up bar consecration a undisturbed another convenient way to train your body, arms, abs and back while keeping your ground space open for other uses. With a high Amazon.com user rating and 100% cash back relaxed, the furthermost Body Press Ceiling/wall Mount Pull Up Bar is well worth your importance. If you are looking for a sanctified and simple way to embody pull ups into your parade.

Note: Pull up assist bands help you to do more pull ups with comfort. If you know how to do pull ups perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Weight Limit

A: around 300 and it seems to hold pretty well.

Q: How far down from the ceiling does it hang?

A: 16 inches from mine

Customer Reviews:

“Good sturdy pull up bar. Quick easy assembly and mounting. You will need to find studs and use a drill for per-drilling. All typical stuff.”
“Well built and very solid. Provided template is a bit backward to us but otherwise easy to set up and use”

Final Words:

In this expensive world when you have many expenses ceiling mounted pull up bar comes within your budget. If you consider all the features and facilities it will provide you everything you need in your home workout gym option. As a total upper body workout bar . It will be a very good investment if you buy this product. So take it with discount price.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro Review

Do you have weight problem? or Do you really want to cut down those extra body fats? finally that’s why you looking for a cheap home workout gym decor that help tone the upper body also ideal for building muscle to get the perfect body shape. perfect fitness multi gym pro is cheap pull up bar.

That will help to reach your goal. The Multi-gym is a equipment that can all be used as best doorway pull up bars as well as for sit-ups, push ups and dips. It is easily set any standard door frame and suitable to use and better from wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar.


perfect fitness multi gym pro



FEATURES of perfect fitness multi gym pro Doorway pull up bar Review

Grip Position:

The perfect fitness multi gym pro feature padded handles that allow for 3 grip positions to perform normal grip, primary can all be used as doorway pull-up bars as well as for sit-up, Close grip and hammer grip pull-ups. By using all grip position you target arms, chest, core also back muscles with workouts that ensure maximum muscle engagement.

Portable Option:

perfect fitness multi gym pro the most close-fitting and portable option; it stores without trouble and is ideal for use in smaller vacation. Pro and Elite organism patented door frame guards using an unrivaled flat design with thick foam pads to help protect door frames. All perfect fitness multi gym pro are easy to install another do not order any drilling.

Door and Floor Protection:

perfect fitness multi-gym elite has Wide grip curved ergonomic handles and Patented door frame guard also Adjustable design securely fits door frame. The Multi-Gym Sport and Multi-Gym Original compactly fit door frames 27 – 35 inches wide, while the Multi-Gym Elite and Multi-Gym Pro compactly fit door frames up to 33 levels wide and up to 6 inches deep. The Multi-Gym Pro also organizes for height.

Perfect Design:

The design of perfect multi gym pro review device makes it regular both in terms of height and width. Pro and Elite feature patented door frame guards using a unique flat design with thick foam pads to help protect door frame. As a movable pull up bar you can easily placed on the floor, all perfect fitness multi gym pro can be used for sit-ups, push ups like push up bars, and dips; padded handles provide comfort finally help to ensure correct form.

Quick Feature


27” to 35” wide

Shipment weight

11.4 pounds

Weight capacity

300 pound


4 out of 5


Multi Grip

Technical Info:

  • Combined dosage 15 x 38 x 14, load 6.2 pounds, one-year manufacturer’s proficiency.
  • When rolling over, use padded handles for setups, pushups and dips. Sturdy, 300 pound charge astringency allows for use with weight invest.
  • Padded handles for 3 swallowing options: close grip, trigger grip and true extensive grip pull-ups
  • bearable gym that can be used as a portal pull up bar or turned over to perform setups, pushups, and dips
  • Patent outlet frame sentinel and adjustable design sec adjustable surely, fits door-frames 27 to 35 inches wide.

Grip Option:

  • Narrow
  • Neutral
  • Wide
  • Push Ups
  • Triceps Dips
  • Sit-Ups & Crunches

How to use (Tutorial):

Today we are going to take you through some movements. That you can do with the

perfect fitness multi gym properfect multi gym pro workouts, this one is the pull up so you put your palms facing outward on the widest part of the bar itself in addition you pull yourself up past the bar and you let yourself down this is called the hammer pull up and your palms should be facing each other on the hand grips you pull yourself up and you let yourself down with the chin up your palms should be facing you and your hand should be on the inner part of the bar and you pull yourself up and let yourself down with the regular push-up your palms should be facing each other and holding on to the curved part of the bar you let your upper body go down while you keep your legs straight and then you go back up this is a wide push up in your hand should be on the wider part of the bar itself and then you let yourself down and you came back up. If you do pull ups properly you get full benefits of pull ups.

Note: sometimes it’s really hard to do more pull ups anyone, in this case you can use best pull up assist bands to perform more pull-ups with comfort. 

Other Benefit of perfect fitness multi gym pro pull up bar:

  • Elaborate hand grips – these go moreover the door frame to give away you to do extra wide pull ups. They are padded to relieve any disturbing on the door trim.
  • Push up undergoes – a destiny of the unit can be ancient as a push up stand to allow you to go way deeper when office the perturbation.
  • Standing width bar – now you are no longer narrow by the width of your gateway. The bar increase to accommodate any bar Intermediate 27 and 35 inches.
  • Difference of padded hand grips – you can do wide, extra wide, impartial, and close grip pull up barter to keep your muscles thinking.
  • Indemnity clip on door attachment bar – this adds extraordinary rigidity to the unit, giving extra insurance against the bar coming out of place.
  • Very stable – this unit will not stumble along while you are office your pull ups, giving you the quietness of mind to focus on strike out the reprobate.

Before buying any kind of bars online check our full Buying guide.

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • It might not fit some non-standard door.
  • You can’t perform butterfly pull ups

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does It need any specialist?

A: No need expert. Anyone install it without any hustle within short time.

Q. Will using this bar without gloves destroy your hand?

A: No, the foam covered sections are comfortable. The outer most rubber grip

 Customer Review:

“Excellent Bar – fit our door perfectly and I love the door pads as they work great ! Also comes with safety clip !”
“All the necessary grips without redundancy. Locking tab is tiny yet adds huge security! Feels solid.”

Final Words

You might be a expert user or a new user in Using the pull up bar. For all kind of users, this device is a very good one.perfect fitness multi gym pro Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System will make your fit efficient and effective.You don’t have to spend much of your money to own this equipment as they are not very expensive. With the warranty by the company, your investment is protected. Now buy this amazing gym equipment finally relax for many years

Yes4All Deluxe Pull up Bars Review

The Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar has an illustrious intention and scheme an upper body workout for the shoulders, back, chest, arms and abs. It provides 12 total grip options. These grips can be take advantage of with overhand and underhand grips to put focus on all areas of the arms, back, booking and shoulders.



This Doorway Pull up bar hammers grip positions for significant also provides a two varied workout out the back and shoulders. The bar is natural to put-up and complete stable on standard-sized doorways. Which mount to your door frame for added durability in it comes with two J brackets safety clips case the trim above your door is not very grave. The J brackets allow you to use this on doors with trim as superficial as ¼ inch. It cordial to use, however over time the primary the padded foam grips practice bolts may loosen and need enforcement and the padding may also peruse replacement. As the main bar is made of two pieces it’s not as robust as a single bar would be.

Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar Review

When it border on to the underwear of vogue and While the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar commitment great versatility routines you can do with it, it is still small suitable to fit in under your bed or in the cupboard, and you can move it at any doorway It’s very portable. Since this type of bar isn’t fixed to the as wall mounted pull up bar or ceiling mounted pull up bar without any damage your wall, whenever you like you can take it with you as you go. And use it as a support for sit-ups and/or crunches to bar to the bottom of the door frame work the abdomen. For another set of exercises, you can also be move the CXP Doorway Chin up you can take the bar off of the. It use for narrow, neutral, normal or wide grip pull ups and chin ups; working the inner and outer back. Then backward your back carry into practice your push ups, sit-ups or triceps dips (though don’t expect to get a great deal of range of movement in the dips), just immediately move the bar on the floor and you can derive.

Quick Feature


 30 to 37 inch

Shipment weight

9.9 pounds

Weight capacity

300 lbs


4 out of 5


 5 grip

Features of Yes4All CXP Doorway Chin up bar

  • Frequent and heaviest frame made of the highest steel grade. Yes4All Deluxe Chin-up Bar
  • Absolute weight limit up to 300 lbs.
  • 12-grip location for many exercises and extreme home fitness programs
  • consultative wall brackets included
  • You can do opposite Exercises Like Pushups, setups & dips
  • It has five different grip position
  • Bar character: Door frame leverage
  • Features: Padded Foam Grips, Wide Grip fulcrum, Portable, Compact

Assembly and inauguration:

Assembly seems to be hit or miss with the Yes4All-Deluxe chin up bar. There are a lot of negative observation in regard to default or wrong sized screws and bolts being comprised with the packaging. Other reviewers have no question at all. Most all saw the injunction are difficult to follow. One thing to keep in mind about assembly is that you only have to do it one season. just do chin-ups/pull ups properly with your bar and take full benefits of pull-up or chin-ups.

Around the Manufacturer:

Yes4All is a fairly new company based out of Southern California and is rapidly becoming a market leader with extensive design, and high nature manufacturing and distribution. They deal in a variety of capability products including strength decoration, resistance bands, kettle balls, dumbbells, chin-up bars and yoga appointments.

Before buying any kind of pull up bar just check our full buying guide.

What We Love regarding the Yes4All CXP Doorway Chin up Bar?

There are disputes of things that are great about the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar. First, for a doorway bar with this diagram, you are commonly paying double the worship at least. You get a lot of march-past with the design including trigger grip, which is now and again not offered. The other great thing is that by reviewing comments on this product, nearly everyone says it’s solidly created and a durable bar. It’s hard to believe at this price, but it seems to be the occurrence.

Note: If you suffer with our pull ups and not to able to do more pull ups then best way to get better and comfort pull-ups with best pull up assist bands

What isn’t so great about this product?

The main drawbacks of the Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar inside on the gathering movement. Reviewers complained about calculation the unholy screws (a contemptible complaint with chin-up/pull-up bars) and complex to understand teaching. The most worrisome aspect of this bar, albeit, is that a lot of reviewers complained that it will embezzlement your door frame. If you’re espying to get around this, you should probably glance for additional product.

Final Word

You might be a new user or an expert in using the pull up bar. For all kind of users this device is a very good one. Yes4All Deluxe chin up bar will make your body more perfect and effective. You don’t have to spend much of your money to own these tools as they are not very expensive.

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