The Best Pull Up Alternatives without a Pull Up Bar

Obviously, if your goal is to be able to do pull ups, then you will need to get access to a pull up bar of some sort, whether it’s at home, the gym or even at a local park. There may, however, be times when you can’t access a bar for a period and need to find an alternative for pull ups… what should you do? Fear not! I’m here to share some of the most effective exercises you can do for pull ups that don’t require a pull up bar:

Row, Row, Row your boat
(however you can!)

Rows are an excellent movement that engage your back muscles, shoulders, arms and core. The great thing about rows is that they can be modified depending on what equipment you have available and also your ability. The most common ways you can do rows (without and fancy cable machines at the gym) are:

  • Doorway Rows. These are best suited to beginners, who might not be up to doing full pull ups yet.
    With your feet in line with the doorway, use a broom handle horizontally braced against the other side of the doorway or even hold onto the insides of the door frame with your hands.
    Note: Place a towel between the broom handle and the door frame to avoid damage and if you’re a really big unit, maybe consider other options, so you don’t go doing any damage.
  • Inverted rows using furniture. Stuck at home? Grab a couple of dining chairs and sling a bar of some sort (broom handle) across them, leaving a gap between the chairs.
    Lying on the floor, grip the bar and pull yourself up so your chest touches the bar.
  • Towel Pull Ups. If you can already perform a proper pull up, this alternative will be good for your grip strength. You will need two smallish towels. Tie a knot in each towel and place over the top of a door. Close the door, so the knots act as an anchor and the rest of the towel hangs over the closed door for you to grip on to and pull yourself up.
    If you have some sturdy straps such as car tie downs, these also work well.
    Note: Set yourself up so the door opened away from you, just in case you manage to force it open…my best mate cringed when he saw me doing this as he thought it placed to much strain on my door…I’ll let you be the judge!
  • Ring Rows. If you have somewhere you can fasten a set of rings (even over a tree in the backyard), you can do a killer workout as an alternative to pull ups. Lean back with your feet on the floor and row yourself up, adjusting the height of your rings to make it easier if need be. You can really drill down and target different muscles by throwing in some straight arm strength work here.
  • Bent Over Rows. Got a set of dumbbells? Great! If not, see what you can work with – I use a 15 litre water bottle, but maybe you have a jerry can in the shed or a chainsaw you could lift instead?
  • Renegade Rows. Harder to do with a chainsaw, I’ll admit!
  • Resistance Bands. One of my all time favorite pieces of low cost, yet versatile fitness equipment. Any of the ring row exercises of dumbbell exercises can be performed with the help of some resistance bands.
best pull up alternatives

Mobility work to improve your pull up performance

You’ve heard me banging on about it before – work on your mobility! Use this time without a pull up bar to really focus on strengthening your connective tissue and improve your range of motion. The most common injuries from pull ups are due to poor preparation. Work on your wrists, your shoulders and even your hips. Trust me!

Use a resistance band or a simple broom handle to get your arms moving freely over and around your head and incorporate dynamic stretching (that is, stretching the muscles while moving) in to your routine.

My favorite exercises that help with mobility, while also giving your muscles a hard time include:

  • Elephant walks
  • Back Bridges
  • Prone Trap Raises
  • Prone Swimmers

The main thing to take from this is understanding that you can still train for pull ups without a pull up bar. These alternatives will keep you on track to improving your strength and fitness – you can only work with what you have available, so remember SOMETHING is ALWAYS better than nothing!

Best flat tummy exercises for great female abs – (2020 Guide)

If you dream of a flat tummy but feel it is so far out of reach, it doesn’t have to be. Besides looking great, strong, healthy abs are important for posture, balance, stability, and even ensuring that your arms and legs function properly. So it’s very important to take good care of them for reasons beyond looking good. Follow below Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs article for more.

Work those muscles for Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs

To get abs that are flat, lean and strong, you have to work the four muscle groups that make up the abdominal section; the external abdominal oblique’s (the area under your ribcage), the internal abdominal oblique’s, which lay under the external oblique’s, the transverses abdomens (a fancy way of saying midsection), and the rectus abdomens, which run from your sternum to pelvis and help flex your spine as you walk. They are also the once you see in “six-pack abs”

The reason crunches and sit ups are not considered an effective ab workout is because they don’t work all sides of the abdomen.

Most women want their ab workouts to be fast and effective, so here are the four best exercises that will flatten your tummy, strengthen your core and help you rock that bikini during swimsuit reason. And, there not a single crunch involved.

What exercise Best for flat tummy for great female Abs

Some of the best exercise for abs are actually the ones that work another part of the body (way for multi-tasking!) because they are core strengthening. Here are a few examples

Rowing machine

This is a great cardio workout that also works your legs, your arms, and your abs. In addition to being a great full body workout that can burn up to 800 calories an hour, it’s constantly engaging the core with every stroke, so you’re really doing twice the work for the same amount of effort. Its very effective tummy toning exercises for beginners who just start their exercise with safe mode.


Swimming laps provide a moderate to intense aerobic workout and also serves as a great way to strengthen the upper and lower body as well as the core. The best swimming exercise for a flat tummy follow the once learned as a beginner, such as kicking with a kick board, doing flutter kicks, or swimming with a band around your ankles (obviously do this in shallow water if you’re not a strong swimmer)

Lat pull Down

These are best for building upper body strength, and again are a great way to work your abs because you have to engage all four muscles in order to do the exercise properly and safely. You can do a traditional lat pull down or what’s known as the pull down crunch for abs, in which you exhale and pull your ab muscles in as tight as you can while bringing the bar down. Make sure you’re lifting the proper amount of weight so you don’t pull a muscle and have someone spot you if you’re just starting out.

Core Exercises Go the Distance

If you don’t have access to a gym, you can get a great workout lying on a yoga mat using you own body wright or a stability ball.

Leg raises- Lie on your back and raise your legs about 6-12 inches off the floor; the closer to the floor you can get, the harder the exercise will be. If you use a stability ball, you can pass the ball from your hands to between your feet to make it more difficult.

Plank- Support your body weight with you elbows and toes wither holding your abs for as long as you can Each time you do these, try and do it for longer than you did before, so you build up stamina and endurance.

Those are the Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs without any conscious.

It’s All about the Food for flat tummy

When you’re working out, your abs are like a fire-burning furnace and what you feed it is as important as the kind of exercises you do. There are a lot of foods that wreak havoc with our abs because they cause inflammation, bloating, and pain. Avoid the notorious no-no’s like alcohol, soda, sweets and refined grains and instead fuel your body with lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables (like papaya and cucumbers), herbs (like fennel), and whole grains (like quinoa, oatmeal, and plain popcorn)

Get Beach Ready

Experts say that by focusing on your diet, getting enough sleep, doing some fat-burning exercise and being consistent, will get you that beach-ready body you want.

But remember, being healthy and strong is most important. If you’ve never worked out, don’t expect to look like a Barbie doll overnight. In fact, don’t expect to look like one ever. Just focus on being the best you that you can be.

Shoulder Pain from Pull ups – Solution and treatment (Q+A)

Shoulder pain from pull ups is a pretty common complaint that can prove to be a massive deterrent for people. Here, I break down the most common causes of shoulder pain that people notice when they start incorporating pull ups in to their workout regime.

Put simply, the benefits of pull-ups are worth taking the time to get this stuff right. It might mean a slower approach to pull up training, but it will pay off in the long run.

What’s causing shoulder pain when doing pull ups?

First things first – let’s be clear about the different between good pain and bad pain! As with all resistance training, a new movement type or sudden increase in intensity in your exercise regime is probably going to result in some delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. Because pull ups are such a wicked exercise, they incorporate a whole host of muscle groups, including shoulders, back, forearms and even abdominals. If you’re pulling up sore like you’ve had a dust up with a moving vehicle, but it’s your muscles that are causing pain, there’s a good chance you just created some beneficial fibre tears that need a couple of days to recover before they’re ready to do it all over again. DOMS is a healthy sign that muscles are being worked on.

Some muscle pain, however, can indicate a strain or tear injury, so its’ important to pay attention to your body and recognise when something is out of the ordinary. If the pain is isolated to a certain area, side or isn’t getting better, its’ worth seeing a health professional for advice.

If you are experiencing pain while you are actually performing pull ups, again, it’s important to tell the difference between a good old lactic acid burn in your muscles and something that’s your body telling you to stop.

If its’ not muscular, your shoulder pain probably relates to either a problem in your technique, or (and most likely) a mobility issue. I’ve got a whole bunch of upcoming posts on the way with shoulder mobility exercises, so watch this space.

The best way to start doing pull-ups is by focusing on your form, not your strength. Doing a set of twenty-five fast, improper pull ups is not going to give you results anywhere near as good as ten proper, controlled pull-ups. There is no competition when it comes to growing your muscles. It is just you and your body, there is no reason to cheat. A proper pull up requires that you always keep your arms shoulder width apart and pull up slowly, focusing on keeping your back straight and isolating your arm and shoulder muscles.

Do not use force or momentum to pull yourself up, rather ease into each pull and that is how you will get stronger. You could be doing pull-ups for months and not see any results or increased strength if do not focus on your form, not to mention this how you end up with shoulder injuries or shoulder pain from pull-ups. They didn’t do it you, you did it to yourself.

How to tell if I have shoulder mobility issues:

The two most issues facing those that lift weights are connective tissue injuries and a lack of mobility and flexibility. Strength is awesome, but if you haven’t got mobility as well, you are a ticking time bomb for injuries AND you’re wasting a lot of your time trying to increase your weight loads. Improve your ankle and hip mobility? Better deadlifts and squats. Improve your shoulder and thoracic mobility? Better overhead lifting and guess what else? Pull ups!

Here’s some simple tests for you:
1. Standing up with your arms by your sides, try bending your elbow and running the back of your hand up your back, aiming to touch the opposite shoulder blade with your hand. Do it on both sides and have someone take a video. Is there a difference in the two sides?

2. Next, raise your arm straight up above your head alongside your ear and bend at the elbow, so your hand comes down behind your head. Try to touch your opposite shoulder blade again. Repeat on the other side.

3. Put both arms straight up in the air, palms facing forwards. Can your get your arms behind your ears?

4. Sit on the floor, with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Reach your hand behind you as though to support yourself and try to touch your little fingers together. Can you wiggle your hands further away from your butt?

What causes poor shoulder mobility?

For some people, a past injury or musculoskeletal problem may be the obvious cause of poor shoulder mobility and therefore pain when doing pull ups. Dislocation, shoulder impingement, mastectomy, nerve damage and shoulder reconstructions can all impact on shoulder function down the track, especially if good physical therapy is not undertaken during recovery. The great news is that many people with significant shoulder restrictions have made massive improvements years, even decades later with the right exercises and rehabilitation programs.

Rotator cuff injuries and pull ups:

If you encounter pain in the front or outside of your shoulder, it could be a rotator sleeve tear or damage. The ligament situated inside the rotator sleeve in a standout among the most regularly injured ligaments. The rotator sleeve is the protective cover over the shoulder attachment and arm bone framed by a gathering of muscles and ligaments. The acromion ligament, situated between two bones, is effectively squeezed, prompting irritation. This sort of damage is frequently caused by repetitive arm exercises and lifting, particularly when both are finished by lifting your arms over your head. It’s said that roughly that 50 percent of rotator sleeve injuries mend without any interference.

Tendinitis is genuinely well-known issue that can influence about any ligament in the body. Simply tendinitis alludes to an aggravation of the ligament. The biceps ligament is the one most generally influenced because of excessive and repetitive weightlifting. Like rotator sleeve impingement, biceps tendinitis is, for the utmost part, an after effect of the ligament rubbing against bone. In many cases, the pain feels worse when the arm is elevated far from the body or over the head.

How to do pull ups without pain:

If you can find a variation of pull ups that causes you no pain, then it’s probably safe to do so. Obviously run this past a trained professional, but a general rule of thumb, when working around injuries or restrictions is that is it feels ok, it probably is.

Alternate Grip:

Working out pull-ups with neutral grip is termed suitable if one can’t access rotatable handles, rings or TRX straps. This hinders the path of stress concentrating in your elbow which is derived from firm wrists lacking flexibility.

Chin ups are also an alternative movement that targets slightly different muscle groups, but may be able to be performed without discomfort while you work out how to return to pull ups pain free.

Decreased Load:

Consider some good quality resistance bands that your can step in to while you perform pull ups. The bands will assist you by taking some of the load. You can often purchase packs of bands with varied resistance levels to gradually increase your load when ready.

Back to Basics:

This one can be frustrating for those who can already perform a pull up, but have experiences shoulder pain as it is where I suggest beginners start when learning how to do their first proper pull up, BUT, it’s so worth it. Go back to performing a 30 sec dead hang every day for a week. If you’re getting pain from this, then go no further until you’re worked on your shoulder mobility. Then next step from here is a dead hang and then isolated retraction of your shoulder blades, without moving your arms. Check out my articles on pull ups for beginners. Nail the basics before worrying about massive reps.

How to avoid injuring your shoulders doing pulls ups?

Warm up! I know how easy it is to skip the warm up and get straight in to the stuff that actually produces results, but guess what? You aren’t going to be producing many results when you’re injured! Take the time for a decent 5-10 minute cardio to get yourself warm and moving, then a further 10 minutes of mobility work before you get stuck in to your workout. I can’t stress this enough. A few minutes opening up your shoulder and thoracic area before putting it under load will go a long way.

Don’t over train. As much as I love pull ups, I don’t do them every day. Give yourself a rest every other day. A cardio, core or legs session will give your muscle groups a chance to recover and your pull ups will improve faster by allowing your body to rest between sessions. I also recommend alternating between chin ups to pull ups as well to increase the variety and promote recovery.

Check your form. Take a video of yourself or have someone who knows what they’re talking about watch you while you do your pull ups. It may be that something as simple as adjusting to a wider grip solves a lot of your shoulder pain issues. (But you probably need to do some mobility work as well… am I starting to sound repetitive?)

What type of pull-up is preferred for working out your shoulders?

A chin-up is a variation of a pull-up. You should do them both to get a more comprehensive work out, but the chin-up will work out the upper shoulder muscles more than a pull-up, so you will notice results faster with chin-ups. Pull ups target the back muscles more. Remember though, that you want to vary these exercises in order to let the muscles grow and prevent injury.

What is the difference between a pull-up and a chin-up?

pain in shoulder after pull ups

A chin-up is a variation of a pull-up. The main difference between a pull-up and a chin-up is the type of grip used for each. A pull-up requires an overhand grip, where your palms face away from you. Pull-ups work out the muscles near the elbows like the brachialis, muscles on the lower shoulder area like the latissimus dorsi, as well as your biceps.

pull ups vs chin ups

Final verdict

I hope this article has been helpful. The main takeaway I hope to convey here is that pull ups don’t cause shoulder pain. What this exercise does do is highlight underlying shoulder issues when it can’t be performed pain free. A huge percentage of people who experience pain during pull ups have poor shoulder mobility. It’s worth taking time to work on your mobility issues because not only will it reduce your risk of injury, but it will improve your performance more than you might expect! Don’t shy away from pull ups … let them be a tool that shows you where your weaknesses are and grow from that.

how to lose weight quickly without exercise naturally | Work who didn’t like Exercise

There is good information for people who desire to monitor their body weight while not giving up watching television that how to lose weight quickly without exercise naturally. Now there’s a new work out for couch potatoes and people who believe they may be too active to discover time to stay fit.

With time at a premium, quite a few Us citizens are turning to innovative kinds of exercising. In a new survey performed by Harris Interactive for the North American Spine Society. three out of four persons mentioned they used the stairs instead of the elevator at work. 58 percent said they started parking their vehicles far away in parking lots and practically fifty percent claimed walking whilst on the phone.

At the same time, nevertheless, 46 pct. of men and women identified themselves as couch potatoes–a main contributing component to being obese. Many adults point out they have put off working out so that you can perform other activities. for example enjoying television, sleeping in, doing domestic chores or doing work.

Approximately three in 4 individuals state they might workout far more. if they could squeeze it into their everyday routines, nonetheless, and a vast majority of people claim they would exercise far more frequently. if they could do it at home. Among no couch potatoes, eighty pct. would want to get a lot more exercise. but claim they don’t have the time. For that  this article how to lose weight quickly without exercise naturally. A Work Out For People That Do Not Want To Exercise.

Lose weight quickly without exercise naturally Meanwhile,

much more than 4 million Americans suffer disc problems. 1 out of four Americans above 30 can have continuing back agony. and one in fourteen will look for medical care for back or neck discomfort this year. totaling almost 14 million appointments per year. Back agony is the 2nd most common reason that people visit a medical professional. Back and neck ache result in more lost workdays as compared to any other problem. Due to absenteeism, medical and additional relevant costs, the price of back injuries surpasses $eighty billion every year within the United States. Exercising is one particular way to prevent back problems.

Read simple workout bar reviews, push up handles, rowing machine or woman yoga mat/best travel yoga mats.

Which is the reason why it’s significant to locate time to integrate exercising into your regular routine. In addition to things just like climbing stairs and parking farther away. there are several fun methods to make your regular tasks opportunities to exercise:

Here is the exercise you can easily perform.

Feet Alphabet. This exercising can be carried out anyplace you are sitting down, except while driving. It should not be tough to locate a place. Simply write the alphabet inside the air with each of your feet and ankles. You can do the letters in capitals or small letters and, for that matter, in almost any language you might like. Performing this two or three times on every ankle will begin to tone the ankle and sustain or enhance motion.

Performing the Dishes Neck Circles. This work out is easily done while performing the usually fun task of cleaning the dishes. While you are standing there at the sink, gradually move your neck in a clockwise position, attempting to extend the tip of your head out as far as you can. After three or four rotations, repeat the work out in a counter-clockwise position. Remember, these rotations ought to be carried out slowly and gradually and in a pain-free range of motion. In addition to improving the mobility of the neck. these exercises can pass the time of doing dishes. THis is very simple way to lose weight quickly without exercise naturally.

Overhead Laundry Toss. Put the laundry container straight in front of you and have the washer or dryer right behind you. Pick up a piece or 2 of soiled clothes, reach over your head carefully and drop the clothing into the washer. Again, start with dry clothing, then progress to wet clothing from the washer into the dryer and lose weight quickly without exercise naturally.

Remote Wrist Lifts.

This may be completed on any Sunday afternoon while watching multiple football games. Merely take the remote control (use the biggest one you have from the heap of remotes) and. whilst sitting watching your chosen team or movie and with your arm pointing toward the Television. aim the remote at the ceiling, moving your wrist only. Hold it there for 10 seconds, then aim it at the floor, once again only shifting the wrist. Do this 3 to 4 repetitions during every commercial. Be cautious not to inadvertently switch the channel when doing this exercise or it could irritate people who are viewing TV with you.

Now you can easily lose weight quickly without exercise naturally  for People That Do Not Want To Exercise.

Understand The Background pure natural vitamins Now | Natural vitamins In 5 Days

Every one need to know the background pure natural vitamins and for this we covered this article. New research and statements about pure natural vitamins are released every day, and many seem to oppose each other. What does a normal customer really need to know about vitamins?

“The relatively easy response is, not much,” says Thomas, EdD, RD, medical advisor with the Nationwide Institutions of Health Workplace of Nutritional Products. Almost everyone can gain from getting a supplement with calcium mineral because most people don’t get as much as they need through their diet plans — 1,000 mg a day for grownups, improving to 1,200 mg after age 50. Thomas notices that some pure natural vitamins become especially essential at certain periods in a person’s life. Pregnant mothers or women who might become pregnant should be certain to get enough Vitamin B folic acidity, or supplement b folic acidity, a B-complex supplement — 600 models a day, rather than 400. And as you age, you should probably start to take daily supplements serious to get extra B12, he indicates.

“You don’t have to become a professional or understand all the particulars of all the natural vitamins — because you can’t,” contributes Dr. Johnson. There’s simply too much details to try to store in mind.

What you need to do is have a healthy diet, choosing suggested meals in accordance with the USDA recommendations. Because few of us continually eat a well-balanced eating plan, Johnson says getting an over-the-counter multi-vitamin, even a shop product, is a wise decision. “It’s kind of like protection plan plan that includes all your angles,” he describes.

Pure natural vitamins and Healthier Living: Not as Easy as A, B, C

Maintaining a balance of the pure natural vitamins we need is important yet complicated. While natural vitamins work together in one’s whole whole body to ensure our health and fitness. the most apparent being the way vitamin D helps in getting in calcium mineral nutrient. the relationships between healthy products and recommended medications can cause health and fitness problems. For example, calcium mineral nutrient react with some medication, decreasing the body’s ability to process the medication. So whenever your doctor gives you a new prescribed or changes one, it’s important to talk about all of the nutrient and complement items you’re getting to avoid any potential issues.

Source of Vitamin A, B, C

Vitamin A

Vitamin B Vitamin C

Sweet Potato

Beef liver Cantaloupe
Carrots Sardines

Citrus fruits and juices

Dark Leafy Greens

Atlantic mackerel

Kiwi fruit.

Squash (Butternut, Cooked) Lamb


Cos or Romaine Lettuce Wild-caught salmon


Dried Apricots

Nutritional yeast


Vitamins and Healthier Living: Is Taking More Better?

Vitamins and Healthier LivingFor people who have weight loss programs, getting a multi-vitamin according to program recommendations won’t generate a supplement over quantity. But Brown signals, “You run into trouble if you take natural vitamins and items where the quantity is very large.”

Some people take large quantities of items. thousands of times more than the recommended quantity — to cure or avoid diseases or diseases, in effect working with healthy products like medication. “That’s different from getting them to get the recommended quantity,” Brown alerts.

Using supplements as treatment should be done only with a doctor’s assistance, as side effects and problems can and do happen. As an example, Brown points to niacin, or B3, which in very high quantities can damage the liver body organ organ. However, in many cases niacin is a good medication for decreasing stain levels, he adds.

Even some very acquainted advice isn’t yet confirmed medical care idea, Brown notes: “When you look at the use of loads of Vitamin C (to battle colds), the evidence to date is kind of unclean.”

To evaluate any supplement as a treatment, consider one’s whole body of evidence supporting any health and fitness claims and seek information from a pharmacologist, dietitian, or your doctor. “The folks who sell items probably aren’t the best sources,” Brown says.

Vitamin E & Aging Skin

Click image for details

While aging is a natural procedure, the sun, cigarettes and contamination can speed up aging, making your epidermis appear more old and wrinkly and slim. These aging symptoms are generally the cause of improved toxins in the body. Free radicals promote the early malfunction of your epidermis tissues. When you have toxins in your system, anti-oxidants can battle and reduce the consequences of their effect. One effective anti-oxidant can be found in most of your meals — vitamin E.

The sun’s radiation can harm the epidermis, resulting in age spots and facial lines to develop. Vitamin E and vitamin C are regarded to be some of the best anti-oxidant sun harm competitors. A 2001 research released in the “Journal of Skin care Treatment” discovered that epidermis that showed up clearly older had 39 % less vitamin E focused on the skin than younger-skin aging skin. By improving the amount of vitamin E in your diet, you may help to battle aging. Get natural skin.

Healthier Combination

When used in mixture in a sun block, supplement E and supplement C decrease the destructive results of ultra violet B rays. These are the kinds of rays that can sun burn the epidermis, destructive the surface levels of epidermis and leading to upcoming facial lines. The mixture of supplement E and C also decreases the destructive results of cigarettes and ultra violet A rays, also cause facial lines.

How to Get It

If you are prepared to put Vitamin E to work for your skin, you can find it normally in many meals. To fulfill your everyday Vitamin E requirement, consume about 15 mg a day if you are mature than age 15. Foods that contain supplement E consist of nuts. sunflower plant seeds, peanut butter, green spinach, broccoli, kiwifruit, mango and tomato. More is not always better. Taking or taking products of more than 1,000 mg per day can cause negative side effects, such as easy blood loss.

Vitamin E as a Cream

Vitamin E is not only a supplement you can eat.  it’s also a supplement you can implement as a lotion to your epidermis. Natural skin care products, especially skin lotions, are produced with Vitamin E. This is because vitamin E’s qualities can be effective in fixing difficult, dry epidermis that is making you look older. Hope Understand The Background pure natural vitamins Now.


We are all at some time in our lifetime looking for direction. Whether it is Physical, Mental, Emotional or Financial direction. By you landing on this page, has just opened another door, allowing you a different point of view. This is a point of view and a method of treatment that has been proven in my practice for over 40 years with thousands of people who became my clients and then friends. Are you one of those people who have been caught by personal neglect, or overindulgence, or ignorance and are now suffering from, or have to care for someone, suffering with totally preventable and/or curable Lifestyle Diseases?

Diseases below like

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Heart disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Blood pressure
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Asthma
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Old age Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic liver disease or cirrhosis
  • Nephritis or Chronic Renal failure
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Depression
  • Drug addiction… such as recreational as well as prescription drugs and/or alcohol.

Most of these diseases are preventable and/or curable naturally,
without harsh chemical and pharmaceutical drugs.

In 1900, the top three causes of death, worldwide were Influenza/ pneumonia, Tuberculosis, and Diarrhea/enteritis. These accounted for about 60 percent of all deaths. Heart disease was ranked number four and Cancer number eight as far as being the cause of death. Since the 1940s, the majority of deaths have resulted from Heart disease, Cancer, and other lifestyle diseases. By the late 1990s, despite all the “Breakthroughs of modern Medicine, “lifestyle (preventable) diseases, such as Heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and the different forms of Cancer, now accounts for more than 70 percent of all deaths. Is it time to take an alternative look at your Health and Well-being?

Before, this information and assistance were restricted to people visiting my clinic personally. With the advent of the Internet it is now available to you, right at your computer. The programs and communications are totally interactive.

Our Fitness related article ” best push up bars & best pull up assist bands .

What you can expect from us.

Earning your trust and allowing you to get to know us for what we stand.

  • Honesty and truth in our advice to you
  • Commitment and Dedication to the advancement of Natural Health, without harsh Chemical drugs and Medicine
  • Personal Service regarding your needs
  • Follow through with proven methods, as well as the latest research and support
  • Confidentiality and secure protection of all the information you supply to us.

What we would like to expect from you

Once you have decided to get more specific information, relating to your Health Status and you want to engage our service.

  • Supplying us with all the information relevant to your problem, by completing the Health Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Commitment from you to follow through with the suggestions for the initial period of the treatment (normally three months – 90 days).
  • Keeping track of the development and giving feed back on the progress of the treatment, with honest and truthful notes.

Naturally, all this takes time, so the sooner we start, the quicker we can expect a favorable outcome. Therefore, we invite you now to start the ball rolling, by letting us know you are interested to explore this further.

Body Mass Index (BMI) explained

Body mass index (or BMI) is a tool that is used by Healthcare Providers to indirectly measure the level of body fatness in an individual. Because the calculation requires only two pieces of information, height and weight, it is an inexpensive and easy method to estimate the weight categories that can lead to health problems.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
(Adults over 18 years of age)



Weight Status

BMI Below 18.5 (Men & Women)

Underweight- Less resistance to disease- Reduced stamina

BMI 18.6 to 24.9 (Men & women)


BMI 25.0 to 29.9 (Men & women)

Overweight- Development of diseases

BMI 30.0 and above (Men & Women)

Obese-very dangerous in the long term

Skip The Scale: My 2 Weird and Easy Waist Training Mind Tricks for Getting Those Abs

So I finally got six pack abs. (Forgive the lack of a selfie. Sometimes you’d rather not, y’ know?) with waist training exercises

But I didn’t get there the way I thought I would.

In fact, I felt there were 2 Mental Breakthroughs I used to finally get me there…And they are not what you think.


You’ve probably heard it about every single sport you can imagine: Football, Basketball, Weight Training, Calisthenics, Golf, and Kayaking—heck—it’s probably true for Cheerleaders and Chess players…

“It’s 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical.”

This acknowledges that if you take away all the time training, gathering knowledge and muscle building, most of us were born with the same basic equipment. As Steve Jobs put it (or so I’ve heard), “we’re all born cold, wet and naked.”

It’s what we focus on that changes our actions and define who we are.

Duh, right? So how do we go about changing our lives? We should just focus like crazy on our goals, right?

Yes, and No.


To get a better grasp on what motivates us, helps us change our mindsets—and ultimately our lives, let’s turn to the world of psychology for some answers.

In his well-known book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, author Dan Pink describes a recent Duke University study that took a look at how a big reward, in this case: money, effected how well people worked on a project.

From “Drive” author Dan Pink:

The “study separated people into three groups with varying levels of…difficulty and assigned small, medium, and large financial rewards.”

When tasks required basic skills, “bonuses were directly related to performance. A larger reward led to better performance.”

However, when tasks got complex and took lots of thinking, “the larger the…reward, the worse the performance.”


When you want something terribly bad, it’s easy to make it your only focus. You obsess over it. You look at your abs every day in the mirror, turning left and right. You grab the fat on your sides and frown.

You feel your tummy whenever you get the chance and swear off any food that seems tasty.

Unfortunately, that laser focus can lead to big discouragement and anger…or you could delude yourself into thinking you made HUGE progress when nothing’s happened.

I’ve done both. But there is a more sane way to chisel your abs and do waist training right

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As we’ve discussed in the past, cutting belly fat is not just about doing crunches ( Iron gym bar help to do better crunches) over and over; nor is proper waist training about starving yourself or taking some ridiculous supplements.

Remember, it’s more of a mental game than putting yourself through physical torture. So see how these tips work out for you:

Waist Training Mind


This is about encouraging your mind and feeling good about your body. After you’ve worked out you look good and feel great, meaning it’s a great time to check in with yourself. You also get the added benefit of knowing that you are positively effecting your health.

Also, and just as important, this avoidance keeps you from blowing up your achievements in your brain and sliding back into fatness. I used to do it all the time.

I would lose some fat and think, “Look at this sexy beast” and then go eat some Cheetos.

No Bueno. Stay working to stay fit.start diet today


This is perhaps the most controversial tip I’ve discovered because for a while I was preaching the gospel of a weekly weigh-in to make sure you are on track. After all, I read about the idea from a Men’s’ Health story way back when.

But I’m guessing if you are at the place where you are starting to think about abs, you aren’t morbidly obese. You want the tight look of a well-trained core, a step above ‘healthy.’

The weight scale is a weird tool. You know it and I know it. Whatever number you read is super-vague anyhow.

Example: Let’s say you forgot to weigh yourself for three weeks (it happens!) and went from 174 pounds to 179 pounds. What does that mean? Are you a fat pig that needs to lay off the peanut butter? Did you just have 1 gluttonous week? Did you gain some muscle?

Unless you seek some professional guidance you won’t know.


As simple as they may sound, I hold these two tricks above as crazy responsible for helping me make the necessary changes to finally achieve a six pack. hope this waist training exercises also help you.

They both allow me to avoid the problem Dan Pink wrote about: placing the anticipation of a reward (getting abs) above performance (eating and working out right). And all without driving myself nuts in the process.

Top 6 Pull Ups Mistakes You Need to Avoid | Top pull up bar

For gym lovers like me, the pull up bar has become the in-thing. A pull up bar does not only stimulate our muscles but also overall physical fitness. Markets offer different type of the pull up bar to choose for pull ups workout. Although we have come to senses that it is not difficult to find the best tools out there, it is important to know some common mistakes you need to avoid when you choice right one and also you should know how to use this pull ups. Here we introducing you that people make some common mistake of using a pull up bar.

How to do proper pull-ups & bar workouts for beginners step by step guide.

The 7 Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Doing the Pull Up | pull ups workout

Choose the wrong pull up bar

Just like other exercise equipment, pull up bar comes in the different type. Speaking of which, there basically four types of pull up bar based on its Doorway pull up bar,Ceiling mounted Pull up bar, wall mounted pull up bar and free standing pull up bar. This is the first mistake often done by buyers; each of them has different Feature and motive. So to determine whether you are about to Doorway pull up bar or Ceiling mounted pull up bar, you have to know exactly their differences.

Ignoring the rest of the gym

It should never be forgotten that if your rest periods was too long or too short pull ups workout, you would end up immolation the result what you want to some degree.

On the other hand, if muscles don’t have sufficient time to recover between sets, you won’t be able to train them completely, slowing your reach and improvement your injury risk.

So it’s fair common to see rest time recommendations of anywhere from 1 minutes to 5 minutes between sets or exercise.Common Pull-Up Mistakes.

Now make sure to avoid these common mistakes below

[warning]Common Pull Ups workout Mistakes step by step[/warning]

Mistake 1: You are not using full range of motion

It’s necessary to keep minding that the back muscles are supposed to be the primary focus when performing pull-ups. Doing partial reps doesn’t license the lets to come to a fully lengthened position between reps, which cheer up the arms to kick in and do more of the work. If you can’t do as many pull-ups from a full hang, make it your new starting point. Even finishing the rep with a slight bend at the elbow is not ideal.

Mistake 2: You’re letting your elbows flare

If you need your lats to become stronger and more exhibited, then feeding your elbows under the bar thing. It will also make it easier to turn your chest up when the elbows aren’t occupied too wide. All of this told you more back stimulation and good quality pull.

Mistake 3: You’re not setting your shoulders

The difficult part of a pull-up is in reality learning to control your scapulae, or shoulder blades. Each rap should begin with an appreciable and repeal of the shoulders. This tightens up the back muscles.

Mistake 4: You’re staying straight as an arrow

Many hint out there claim that the body should be held totally straight from head to toe in order to complete a good pull-ups. This sets an honest-minded trainee on the false way. We know pull-ups are intentional to be a back developer, and we have proficient that hitting the back requires the shoulders to be bring back and set to engage the posterior muscles, Attempt pulling your shoulders back without mildly arching your back.

Final Word

A pull-up is a massive showcase of overall strength, but it’s expressly not easy. It helps to develop your grip strength from just lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells, back strength with rows for which you chose it as your preferred strength training equipment.

Do pull up bars damage to your wall and how to protect against it

Pull-ups and chin-ups are a great way to improve upper body strength or to start a fitness routine. There are different ways to do this exercise, but the simplest and most convenient way to get your daily dose of pull ups in is to be able to perform them at your home. A wall mounted or door frame mounted pull up bar is a great addition to your home exercise equipment, particularly if you’re limited for space. The biggest problem I hear regarding door frame fixed pull up bars is that it causes damage to the wall or the door frame… not ideal. Here are the most common complaints, the causes of damage and how to protect against it. No product is perfect, but I’ll do my best.

The most common problem that results in door frame damage when it comes to home pull up bars are:

  • The product not fitting their door frame
  • Pull up bar rubbing against the door frame.

Here’s how to easily avoid this problem:

There are a variety of pull-up bars on the market and its very importance to choose the right one for your door frame. Check out our comparison page here and be sure to select a high quality pull up bar which is suitable for your door frame width. Make sure you read the individual reviews as well. As with most products – you get what you pay for, so it’s worth investing in a quality brand product rather than a cheap knock off.

Some pull up bars will extend from 26 inch to 37 inches, which is great if you need to make adjustments or are likely to move it from one spot to another. Before buying, take a moment to measure your door frame, just to be sure! You can also fix your problem by using pipe extensions. In this case we recommend to check iron gym pull up bar which easily fits to any standard door-frame.

There are three things in particular that you should look for in any doorway pull up bar, when it comes to avoiding door frame damage:

  • Is the pull up bar high quality and in particular has built in foam padding build for prevent door frame or wall damage.
  • Use small towels for added cushioning between the pull up bar side pieces and the door frame.
  • Making sure that your pull up bar FITS your door frame
  • Check the installation guide to make sure you have installed it correctly.
pull up bar damage to wall

What about pull up bars causing wall damage?

A wall mounted pull up bar takes a great degree of load when in use and so its’ imperative that it is fixed in a way that can support the weight of the person performing the exercises. 

Always use a stud finder to locate a suitable bearer within the wall to fix your apparatus to. Check with an experiences tradesman or your local hardware store to select suitable fixings, whether that means dynabolts or heavy gauge screws.

Obviously installing a wall mounted pull up bar will create holes in the wall where it is attached, so its’ probably a good idea to check with your landlord beforehand, if you don’t own your property.

If installed correctly, a wall mounted pull up bar shouldn’t cause any damage to the wall other that its’ fixing points.

benefit of pull ups | Build Your upper body & muscle groups

Now a day pull ups are one of the favorite exercises and the benefit of pull ups / benefits of chin up bar is huge. Benefit upper-body compound movement which works an extensive number of muscles gathering in the meantime (shoulders, back & arms).

Now if you’re really serious about your physique to the next level you must do something hard work and do whatever it takes to get you to your goal physique. Probably we all know that how important exercise and diet in our life and I believe that nothing is importance than your physical fitness. Let’s know about  benefits of pull ups everyday,

Benefits of Using Pull Up Bar

The benefit of pull ups is huge. Normally a pull ups or chin ups strengthen your back, biceps and other upper body muscles in the very comfort of your door fame or living room. You can easily do 20 pull ups at a time and it’s just a good number for build your upper body within short time.

Pull up bars exercises work multi major muscle group which include Latissimus dorsi, Biceps brachii, Infraspinatus, Lower trapezius, Pectoralis mojor, Erector spinae, External oblique etc.

Pull ups help to achieve your abs also. Doing pull ups exercise that bring a lot of big muscles and that are key to six pack abs. Because you can’t spot reduce fat. also perform with push up bars for best result.

In addition to providing numerous health benefits, of pull up bars brings great fun as well. So have a look the benefits of pull ups everyday before you buy with us.

Health and Fitness Benefits of Using Pull Up Bar | an Overview

You already feel that there are so many benefits of pull ups. Now i could go on about the other importance of this workout bar and give you some tips on it.

Pull up bar Build Different Muscles

One of the most attraction things about benefit of pull ups you can work different muscles indeed in your whole body specially you back by using a different grip position.For example, if you work on your chest, triceps and shoulders then you can go with push exercise. On the other hand, if you work with your back and bicep you can go with pull exercises which is on of the great benefit of pull ups.

benefit of pull ups


Pull up bar helps in Fat loss

Pull up bar is not quite like running on a trade mill or Jump Rope, be that as it may, pull ups will get your heart rate up and truly beat you down. If you really want to damage the fat loss effects of pull-ups, reducing the time in between sets or super-set your pull-ups with another effective exercise. so a pull up bar is a great addition to your daily workout routine, especially if you settle upon to slash down your fat, what you think is it real benefit of pull ups?

Pull up bar help to Toning Muscle

It is true that majority of people can’t do pull-ups but they should because they work out tons of muscles. Normally Muscle toning occurs when you not only increase lean muscle but also decrease your body fat percentages

Perfect for training the back

A perfect pull up bar challenge you back like no other movement. No exercise can be equal the pull up for versatility and effectiveness when you compromise to back training. It can also help to reduce you back pain.

Many Variations

The best pull up bar provide so many different variation of pull-up without additional equipment. Pull up bar provide you different grip position) which help you to target different muscles. Is it big benefit of pull up bar what you think ?Some other variations are reverse grip pull-ups and close grip pull-ups (also known as chin-ups)

If you targeting your back close grip will help. But reverse grip pull-ups place more strength on the biceps.

Grip Strength

Strength grip option is most importance things to improve your exercise ability if you’re serious bodybuilder. Luckily pull up bar are the perfect exercise for strengthening you grip. Sometime it’s very hard to do more pull ups but you need then you can try with pull up assist bands.

Easily Increase Intensity

I think the secrets to building muscle by regularly increasing the intensity of your workouts. An easy way to increase the intensity of a weightlifting routine is by doing more pull-ups or chin ups easily.

But remember it’s very importance to select perfect pull up bar for you. Before buying any kind of bar you just check our buying guide here.

Info graphic for Benefit of Pull ups


benefit of pull ups