Considerations when buying a Pull Up Bar for home:

Have you decided to purchase a pull up bar for your home workouts? Before buying, do some research so you can buy the best pull up bar for your home and for your training needs.

Buying a Pull Up Bar 101

A pull up bar is a simple, yet highly effective exercise to develop your upper body and is considered a compound pulling exercise as it engages multiple muscle groups. There are a few varieties of pull up bars available for purchase, usually doorway or ceiling mounted, comprised of metal and with foam or rubber grips for added comfort.

Where should you mount your pull up bar?

Take a moment to consider the space in your home. If you like to keep all your workout equipment in the one area and are lucky enough to have the space for a home gym, you will need to find a suitable doorway, wall or ceiling space for the job. Check out my other posts for advice on installing a ceiling or wall mounted pull up bar if you need further guidance.

For many people, the home gym is simply a cleared area of the lounge room or garage for the duration of the workout and equipment is packed away between sessions. If this is you, consider if a doorway pull up bar (that uses leverage off the door frame) meets your needs as it can be removed when not in use.

For beginners, you may only be able to perform one or two reps at the moment (even assisted). Here’s a trick: Put your pull up bar in a commonly trafficked area of the home and every time you pass by, perform just one rep. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to improve and how many extra reps you get done during a day!

Permanently mounted or portable Pull Up Bar?

Are you a tenant or a home owner? If you rent, you might be limited as to whether you can mount a chin up bar to the wall or ceiling. No harm in asking your landlord, especially if you are a long term tenant. The good news is that there are other options available if you are unable drill holes in the wall!

You can easily pick up from 4 different types of pull up bar.

Doorway pull up bar
DoorwIron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Baray pull up bar This type of pull up bar you can easily set up your door frame. It’s easy as simple attached the bar between the door frame and hand on it do you pull ups or chin ups. The great thing about this type of pull up bar model is support your standard door frame and you can easily move to other and stored anywhere. It’s really perfect for you home gym also smaller person. It is also called door frame pull up bar
Wall mounted pull up bar

Wall mounted pull up bar
This type of CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound Capacitypull up bar a little bit heavy and provide more strength. You can easily set this kind of pull up bar with screw and this bar directly into the wall. The great thing about this bar you can easily set it manually choice of height. Some people who are taller or who are shorter both set it as their wish.

Ceiling mounted pull up bar

Its look like wall mounted bar but it’s just set your ceiling with screw. If you have enough space on your wall or doorway you can set it easily into your ceiling. The ultimate body press ceiling mounted pull up bar is most popular on homemade ceiling mounted pull up bar.

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Free standing pull up bar.

If you buy this pull up bar freestanding its offer you almost full gym. This bar given you tow extra option exercises like as sit ups or dips. So you will do full body workout with this bar. This bar is quite expensive but perfects enough. Buying this unit and you will benefited long term by take care of it. one of the most popular free standing pull up bar is diy freestanding pull up bar which provide as homemade freestanding pull up bar.

Pull up assist bands with buyer’s Guide

Presently most of pull up bar manufactures provide different type of pull up assist bands. This pull u

best pull up assist bandsp assist bands help you to do more pull ups or helping lot more different exercise. Different assist bands provi

de different resistance level.

#1. WODFitter pull up assist bands- It has 5 different resistance level and start for 10 to 175 pounds

#2. Serious Steel Assisted pull up bands – It has more resistance tension and this are available from 10-175 pounds. And it’s also able to hold 300-pound weight.

#3. P90X chin-up Max – I think this the best pull up assist bands if you use for pull up bar. This bands able to give more strength to do pull ups or chin ups with heavy duty buckle for safety and support.

All about Grips option

The main danger with pull up bar involves the grip option. And it’s very importance to how safely you can install your bar. Pull up bar very from brand to brand. They are solid with either asset of bar strength and grips foam coated option.

To reduce the risk of injury, never use uncoated grips.

How to Choose the Right Pull-Up Bar with Pull Up Bar Buying Guide

The most importance part to select your budget first. Now, just check out the price range depending on the bar types.







Length of the bar

The very first consideration when you select pull up bar is no doubt of length. Normally the length of pull up bar can vary form 24’’ to 46-48’’ prefer a longer bar>32 inches, to get a wider grip.

Diameter of the bar

The diameter also can be different one from another. Normally, it from ¾’’ to 1.1/2’’. If the diameter >1’’, than the bar should have foam grip, and always prefer 1 ¼’’ or 1 ½’’

Support weight capacity

According to tools specifications the support weight capacity varies from 220 to 650 lbs. You will safely when you confirm that your bar at least 30% more that the user weight.

Portable or permanent

There are many bar which offer you portable option and that why you can use it anywhere or take down to do sit ups or other workout. If you take portable advantages you can chose doorway pull up bar as  outdoor pull up bar. On the other hand all other types bar required some permanent fixing.

Final consideration for Pull Up Bar Buying Guide

Decide your working sphere

At the very first to buy your first pull up bar, you should find out your working place. If you use it at your home, then go for doorway or wall mounted pull up bar as they are less weight. If you want to use it at your working place and do some heavy duty workout, then go for the commercial pull up bar like CFF wall mounted or free standing pull up bar. In this website, you will get reviews of the best doorway and as well all kind of pull up bar.

Safety of Pull-up Bars

A person should check with their doctor before using any select of exercise equipment. A pull-up bar can be necessary equipment that makes getting in shape seem effortless, but if not secured rightly, can lead to serious injury both to your home and user. For this reason, it is important that the pull up bar be properly planted and secured into the door or wall that it’s used on.

Doorway or wall mounted

You have to decide whether you need a doorway pull up bar or a wall mounted/ceiling mounted pull up bar. You must keep in mind that a doorway pull up bar is less in price and provides less grip bet perfect for your home. The wall mounted bar provides high weight capacity and the price of it is also high. Now you read our full pull up bar buying guide so it’s totally up to you which one is perfect pull up bar for you.

Final word

In this website, we are simple trying to serve information that will help you to choose right bar and new buyer who wane invest their valuable money. Hope above information is very importance to buying a best pull up bar. Now you can easily purchase your desired bar.

How to do proper pull-ups & bar workouts for beginners | Ultimate Guide

How to do pull ups such as importance topic if you already purchase or think to purchase pull up bar.

how to do pull ups

This equipment most broadly used pieces of exercise tools, and for good reason. They are affordable enough to have in a home gym, easy to install and handle and you can be used to strength every muscles and especially upper body workout.  Now a day this bar more popular for home workout. However, most individuals don’t know how to use pull up bar and how to do pull ups and therefore they are unable to take benefit of pull up bar along when working out with it.Here is the step by step guide bar workout for beginners and pull up bar workout routine.

How to do pull ups, what’s important to consider?

Pull up bar is the multi-function training bar that combines every exercise you need to make a powerful upper body. It’s help to build your upper body and tones your midsection. So it’s very important to learn how to use pull ups at home and how is it work? You should also know how to do pull ups. Let’s try to doing a basic pull up using the technique outlined in this article. Keep reading this short presentation to learn how to do a pull-up.

Also it is very importance to do pull up regularly and properly by following image.

workout routitn pull ups

How many calories are burns per pull-ups?

You can easily burn 4 calories per pull-ups or you could just run for 15 minutes and burn about 150 it’s the main benefits of pull ups everyday. If you know how to do pull ups correctly.

How to do pull ups | Step by step Guide

Just following step-by-step guide for getting to learn how to proper use a pull up bar.

Step 1: Standard chin-up

Palms facing you and Grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Pull yourself up whilst your chin is level with the bar, then smoothly lower until your arms are totally expanded. If you can’t do firstly full pull-ups & chin-ups work up to them using moves 5 and 6.

The classic grip work both your biceps and forearms also your back.

Step 2: The climber pull-up

Hang with a shoulder-width grip and palms facing to forwards; also pull your weight straight up. Through the top half of the move, move your weight to the right and target your chin towards your right hand side. Lower, and do over from the left side.

Step 3: Behind neck pull-up

Your palms confronting far from you then grab the bar with a wide grip. Lean your torso forwards slightly and pull your shoulders up towards the bar until it grazes the back of your neck. Gradually come back to the begin.

Step 4: Gironde sternum chin-up

Set the bar with your palms facing you and arch your back as you pull yourself above. Lean your head back and run lifting until the bar tig your chest. Softly reverse the movement.

Step 5: Negative pull-ups

Hold the bar with our palms facing your and Stand on a chair and hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Control yourself, steps off the chair and slowly lower, yourself until your arms are perfectly expanded. Repeat again.

Step 6: Band assisted chin-up

Secure a resistance band just about the bar and set the other end around a foot or knee for extra assistance. Pull yourself up until your chin is level with the bar, then bit by bit lower until your arms are extended and the resistance band is pulled Close fitting.

Step 7: Windscreen wipers

Hold the bar with your palms confronting you. Use your arms to lightly pull yourself up as you swing your legs towards. Then hold your arms and torso steady as you swing your legs as far as can to the left, then as far as you can to the right side.

 Step 8: Hanging Reverse Shoulder Shrugs

Firstly, set the bar with your palms facing you. Keeping your arms Force,

How to do pull ups correctly?

This is very importance to confirm that do pull-ups right way if you take proper benefit of pull up bar. Most person pull up using just their arms to pull themselves up instead of using to improve their back muscles. But you should know that pull ups is a tools which consider to shape the upper body and tones your midsection. So if you know how to proper use a pull up bar I think it will definitely help you lot.

Today, most Fitness trainer  recommend push up bar for building muscles. 

How to do pull ups more?

Firstly, if you are overweight, you need to focus on lose weight first. For this you need to eat a lot of vegetable to get more energy and take enough sweet sleep if you do like this your body will be ready within short time to get more pull-ups.

First time you just do sets of four repetitions. You normally do 10 sets, along with other exercise. If you don’t have the strength bang off, start with two-three pull-ups but do ten sets then improvement it with time. Perform this exercise three in a weak and enjoy it.

Last, but not least, be aware that when used properly, a pull up bar can help you to shape the upper body and tones. The durable steel construction holds up to 300Ibs.

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