Find The Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars of 2020.

2020 has been the year of the home gym more than ever before! With COVID-19 causing gyms and fitness centres to shut down across the globe, its’ been time to curate your own workout space at home using the size parameters and budget constraints that you have to work with.

A wall mounted pull up bar is certainly a step up from the doorway mounted bar and if you’re serious about your pull up training, you want something solid and substantial to train with.

What is a wall mounted pull up bar?

A wall mounted pull up bar fixes to standard residential stud framed walls, with the helps of mounting plates or brackets. This solid pull up bar is great for developing your upper body, back, chest and core. Usually, wall mounted pull up bars are made of high-quality material and offer great durability and strength.

Considerations when buying a wall mounted pull up bar:

  • Plan ahead where you want to attach your pull up or chin up bar. You may need to use a stud finder device to pinpoint the appropriate are on the wall to safely secure your pull up bar.
  • Ask for permission! If you don’t own your home, its’ probably best to check with your landlord before fixing anything like gym equipment to the walls of your home. Of course, I often prefer to beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission, but its’ up to you how you want to roll. Its often advisable to keep your landlord on side!
  • Check the weight rating. Not all pull up bars are created equal and neither are we. Do your homework and check that the product you install is rated to take your weight and anyone else that is likely to be using it!
  • Read product reviews. A poorly made product might not spread the load effectively and has the potential to rip right out of your wall and cause pretty awful damage. There are plenty of wall mounted pull up bar reviews here for you to check out to feel reassured before buying.

Here’s our buyers guide to the best wall mounted pull up bars of 2020:

First a couple of points to mention…
A wall mounted pull up bar is more durable and (providing it is installed correctly) will take more weight than its’ portable/doorway mounted counterpart. You will probably need to invest a little more time and/or money on proper installation, so do your research first and check that your desired wall is suitable to bear the load.

#1. Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar with Four Grip Positions

A personal favorite – introducing you to the Gronk Wall Mounted Pull Up Rig. With its’ angled design allowing you to switch between wide, narrow, pronated, supinated and neutral hand positions, this bad boy means you can fine tune your pull up regime to get maximum results.

gronk chin up bar best price

Built tough, Gronk have made this pull up station capable of taking up to 800 lbs of load, so if you’re a big rig, or like to add weight plates to your pull ups, you can rest assured that it can take the extra strain.

The mounting kit is suitable for a stud wall. The unit can be installed on a concrete wall, but you will need to source your own screws. The sleek, powder coated finish is pleasant to grip and the varied angles of the grip bars, makes this a versatile piece of equipment for a range of calisthenics workouts.

My local gym has one of these Gronk systems installed and it really is a pleasure to use. For beginners who are working on simply improving their grip strength for dead hang holds, its’ also useful as a micro set of monkey bars to work yourself along, adjusting your grip angle as you go.

If you’re ceiling height and space allows, this  unit can be installed so that it can also be used as a dip or muscle-up station.

What we like (PROS)

  • Pleasant powder coated finish
  • Loads of options on grip position
  • Can handle the load with max capacity of 800lbs

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • Manufactured in China
  • There have been some complaints about the holes not being lined up correctly, which require some adjustment for installation.

#2.Titan HD Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

A solid player in the wall mounted market, the Titan pull up bar has been collecting positive reviews from consumers for several years now. Simplistic in its’ design, it features superb quality welds and a solid finish. This thing doesn’t wobble. If longevity is high on your list, you won;t be needing to shop for a new pull up bar for a while as the Titan HD is built to last.

best price Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Brands such as Rogue are more well known in commercial gyms and the effort they’ve put in to marketing has allowed them to jack up their prices. According to several happy customers’ reviews, this baby is comparable and even superior in quality to the Rogue equipment, but for around half the cost.

The Titan system can be mounted with wood studs at 16″, 32″ or 52″ apart or a concrete wall at any width up to 48″ with the supplied bar. Extra steel tubes and “L” brackets are available for purchase if you’re keen to convert this in to a multiple person pull up station.

With almost 600 reviews on Amazon, there’s no disputing that this product has been well and truly tested. Sturdy, easy to install and well priced, the Titan is a front runner when it comes to wall mounted pull up bars!

What we like (PROS)

  • It is a sturdy pull up bar for less than half the price of the Rogue system
  • This bar is rigid. Solid AF.
  • Heavy duty and easy to install
  • Maximum weight capacity 500 lbs

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • There seems to have been a bad batch gone through at some point with a handful of unhappy customers. That being said, we are talking about 2% of overall feedback so don’t let a couple of unfortunate cases stop you.

#3. Balazs Adjustable Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

There aren’t many pull up bars that offer vertical adjustment. For many of you, this feature may be irrelevant, but for people like my mate Tony, who shares a house with his wheelchair bound (but fitness enthusiast) brother, the Balazs Adjustable Pull Up Bar was a game changer.

With 18″ of vertical adjustment, the bar can not only be easily adapted for both different height individuals, but also for different abilities and exercises. Balazs make a range of quality pull up bars and have earned themselves a reputation as a solid player in the fitness equipment industry. You can expect to pay a fair bit more for this item, but if the versatility it offers meets your needs, then I’d say its’ worth the investment. You can also sleep soundly at night knowing you won’t need to replace it any time soon as it is a solid stainless steel construction. You can get training straight away with a 1/4″ drill, and a 9/16″ wrench. Everything else you need to assemble and install this rig is supplied in the box.

Yes4All is one of the best Wall mounted pull up bar in the market. You will get 300Ibs maximum weight capacity. There is various grip position that helps you to do different pull-up or chin-ups easily. The yes4all bar has heavy duty gauge steel frame which coated with black non-slip powder coat. You can comfortable used its steel grips with padded foam. That’s amazing feature makes this tools smoother and comfort, no burrs or rough edges and installed easily in a flash. You can easily perform including wide grips, neutral grips, and narrow grips, which helps you to do a variety of upper body exercises from wide- grip pull ups, band assisted chin ups to hanging leg raises and many more with several grip positions. So let’s Work out your backs, chest, arms, triceps, shoulders, biceps, lats and the front of your abs. You can easily pick up it with offer price.
Although beautiful, sometime there are a lot of negative observation in regard to default or wrong sized screws and bolts being comprised with the packaging. So just check before buying this bar.

So, there you have it. Is the Yes4All wall mounted pull up bar is a good option for those who are looking to spend top of the line money?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is one of the best wall mounted pull up bar we have used in a long, long time. You might be a new user or an expert in using the wall mounted bar. For all kind of users this bar is a very suitable and good one. So let work on your upper body and whole muscle which you want to developed.

What we like (PROS)

 Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar

  • Heavy-duty steel wall mounted pull up bar
  • Solid steel chin up bar features a non-slip powder coating and foam comfort grips
  • Have multi grip exercise option
  • Easy to install and instructions included
  • Gym quality pull up bar designed especially for home

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • The size of the pad against the wall is quite small
[info]Yes4all wall mounted Chin up Bar is a must have item in your fitness tool collection. Chin up bar exercise is one of the most efficient ways to target the latissimus dorsi muscle in your back and also for arms.Hope within some days it will be best wall mounted pull up bar for you. we recommend as best indoor pull up bar. [/info]

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#4.CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with 300-Pound CapacityBest commercial/heavy-duty pull up bar

The next wall mounted bar on our list is another one from CFF, and this one is called the CFF wall/Ceiling mounted pull up bar actually comes with the option to be heavy-duty, commercial quality stud or joist mounted system.

CFF wall-mounted-pull-up-bar



Now in case you didn’t know, this mounted bar also comes with 8inch main frame square steel that means it’s really good for more strength. And if you have over weight or commercial use it’s a perfect bar for yourself. So it’s actually more capable than the doorway pull up bar. So without further ado, let’s take a look the advantage that made the CFF mounted pull up bar one of our 4 favorite bars.

There is absolutely no negate that the CFF wall mounted bar is actually one of the best wall mounted pull up bar we have seen in a long time, it is truly an expensive one. But there is no disclaim that this bar is simple amazing for his features. CFF Wall/Ceiling Mounted pull up bar with 300 pound capacity is well-known heavy duty equipment in the wall mounted pull up bar world. This tool is very good for residential use. The big advantages of CFF wall mounted pull up bar is you can use both commercial and home use with high quality commercial material. The CFF wall mounted Pull Up bar has been over engineered so that it can support users up to 300 pounds. You can easily doing a pull-up, kip, ring dips etc., with its 46 inch wide bar sits 30 inches from the wall. You can easily install it with these instructions. The manufacture provides bolts, screw and support anchor free. Just make sure that tighten the bolts and screws to safety. It is strong and solid, used the guides on here and a mounted it on some 2×8’s and 2×10’s on the wall. So it’s safe and secure to perform various types of workouts.
Sadly, as good as the gym experience of the CFF wall mounted bar is, the price is terrible and the bar needs enough space to hold. But if you compromise with price I say that it’s a best choice for long term home gym option.

What we like (PROS)

  • This product is really awesome and solid
  • Very solid steel construction with a nice powder coat finish.
  • The installation is straight forward. All the hardware is included.

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • Price little bit high
  • Need enough space and too heavy

If you are thinking about more strength or your weight is too much this is the best wall mounted pull up bar for you also best pull up bar in garage.

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#5.Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway BarUpgrade Wall Mounted Pull up bar 2018

The next one in our list is also from the Ultimate body press. This is the latest Wall mounted doorway pull up bar series lunched by ultimate body press and our favorite model in this list is Ultimate Body press wall mounted Doorway bar.Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Bar



This wall mounted pull up bar is rapidly added strength and quality muscle to shoulders, arms, back and core. With makes it very cool!

In this case you don’t know that this bar specially designed more than a doorway pull up bar. And the wall mount doorway pull up bar was basically conceived as an upgrade to conventional doorway pull up bars and as an easy step into owning a mounted pull up bar. Well, let’s check them out below, but first; let’s take a look some pros on this bar.

The design of Ultimate body press wall mounted doorway pull up bar is pretty much that can help to perform easily as a portable tools at your home. You can use this device to strength and quality muscle to shoulders, back and core and many more.

According to the users, this device is pretty durable and they have been using it for many years. Angled ergonomic bar with three grip positions and grips are made up of a foam material that makes your exercise easy and more comfortable without worried about you might get blisters during the pull up exercises. Easily fit 24-30 inch standard doorway frame kind studs and also USA tech support and that’s why it insure complete installation hardware and 100% satisfaction guarantee included. The ultimate body press bar maximum weight capacity up to 220Ibs. Looks basic but is heavy duty very study, and perfect is ergonomic. As a Solid Piece for indoor workouts right in our kitchen and enjoy your exercise.

I recommend you to read this review if you want to have a look at the Heavy doorway pull up bar.

What we like (PROS)

  • Ergonomic Design Supports Variation and Full Sets
  • Anchor your Complete Body weight Gym
  • Very sturdy, simple and perfect to use
  • Combine the space saving versatility of a doorway pull up bar and the rigid performance of a mounted bar
  • New exclusive ‘Perfect Grip’ hammertoe texture bar finish makes it easy to maintain a comfortable grip over longer workouts

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • It can’t support overload
[plain]We strongly recommend you to buy it which is can be your best wall mounted pull up bar. Manufactured in the USA.[/plain] [review]

#6.Vita Vibe SB18 Fixed Position Wall Mounted Sit-Up Bar, 18-InchBest Sit up bar wall mount

The number 6th is going to be something different but now this time it’s become very popular. Those who want to develop your abs or build six pack hopes this bar will help them. There is different type of sit-up bar available in current market but I recommend you to go with mounted sit-up bar which is much comfortable to use. Let’s take a look some amazing features including this bar.

 Vita Vibe SB18 Fixed Position Wall Mounted Sit-Up Bar, 18-Inch reviews


Vita vibe is an American brand and a choice of perfect wall mounted sit-up bar. Vita Vibe SB18 Fixed position wall mounted sit-up bar, 18-inch is affordable, powerful and solid structure bar which can fit the requirement of any person. The vita vibe sit-up bars are designed to mount right away to your wall to give maximum stability for your home workout. This bar set up extends 8” of the wall. This bar provides you much strength and it’s made durable powder coated aluminum construction and laser cut 3/16’’ steel. You can easily mounting directly into the wall studs. And this bar also provide some variety of workout exercise including sit-ups, leg lifts, calf raises, Swiss ball crunches and much more.

This mounted sit-up bar is very easy to install. Simple remove the bar of the wall as a portable pull up bar.

That’s why it is an Ideal choice for those who got a perfect sit-up,Chin up bar wall mounted and developed your abs.

The instructions are not great. But once you finally get how it goes together, it looks nice and professional. The recommended height to hold your feet seems a little high to you but you can mount however you want. Hardware is solid.

What we like (PROS)

  • Height from the floor is user can determined
  • Durable powder coated aluminum construction with laser cut
  • Heavy duty brackets with a textured matte black powder coated finish have side cutouts for use of resistance bands
  • 10 years warranty and USA made

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • As a sit-up bar price is so high

So If you are thinking about sit-ups and work with leg lifts, calf raises, Swiss ball crunches this is the best sit up wall mount bar for you.


#7.Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Chin Up Barbest chin up bar 2018

You may be wondering why have we drifted apart from the famous companies like ultimate body press and CFF wall mounted and now are focusing more on the underdogs, well that’s because they aren’t getting a lot of care, and we are about to change that.

Valor Fitness CHIN-UP Pro Style Mount Chin Up Bar



The next Bar Valor Fitness CHN-UP pro style mount chin up bar is a multi-Angel chin bar and have multiple handle for a variety of chin-ups or pull-ups.

Now before we begin reviewing this bar, you should know that if you have a cross Fit style home gym and this chin up bar rounded out your equipment quite nicely. It is built like a tank. This bar also called monkey style multi-grip chin up bar and this is really durable and heavy-duty construction multi-grip wall mounted chin up bar that can be used in a home environment all the way up to full commercial environment. This bar has a weight capacity of 200 kilos. Some of the great features of this wall mounted chin up bar that you can easily done various types of grips. It has one neutral grips semi supine close grips. And it has two long bars for your overhead and other hand grips. Other great feature of this grip Karen it has diamond early for good quality grip strength. So it gives you good traction for doing chin-ups especially when you’re going for those failure reps this mounted bar can be mounted on any strong double bricks walls.

This bar also offer you that you can use it for various types of suspension training so you can use this mu

lti grips bars for attaching your suspension trailers.

Valor Fitness CHN-UP Pro Style Mount Chin Up Ba

What we like (PROS)

  • Multi grip, black and texture powder coated
  • Total length is 48-Inch
  • Clearance off the wall is 30-Inch, measuring from the wall to the front edge of the chin up bar
  • 25″ hand grip and 5 years warranty as well

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • This is pretty big for you home workout
  • You can’t set it poor quality wall or doorway
This Wall mounted bar is really durable and it gives an excellent performance for many years. If you invest your money in this bar you don’t have to regret later as we believe. Your valuable investment is defended by its different warranties. Hope you will be satisfied for this bar service.

What makes a Good wall mounted pull up bar?

The first feature you should look at with the best wall mounted pull up bar is how easy it is to use. Pull up bar need to be well balanced in order to be useful. If they are not too harder or not to build solid steel, have a minimum grip option or with low-density foam it becomes to difficulties in using the tools and can’t perform different muscle groups.

In this case, Wall mounted pull up bar should also be heavy duty enough have verities grip position with premium high-density foam let you target more muscles over longer workout.

The design of the best wall mounted pull up bar is also something that must be considered. This tool has evolved to provide users with the ability to use whole body workout. In addition to what would be considered the standard pull-ups or chin-ups. Only the best wall mounted pull up bar reviews can help you sort out the products that have adaptability and those that do not.

A final feature to consider when you chose wall-mounted bar is the safety. Because this bars offers a high-quality muscles building experience. Always invest in a mounted bar with a safety to avoid an accident.

Benefits of Using Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

There are many benefits of using a wall mounted bar and you will get some additional benefits for using a mounted pull up bar. If you take benefits of doing pull ups or take benefits from chin up bar wall mounted then you need to right choice.  We mentioned the good sides of wall-mounted bar and we provided some wall mounted bar models as well. Benefits of chin ups.

Pull up bar are a perfect way to develop lean body mass in a relatively short time If you do pull ups properly. . Due to this reason that you need more than one joint to play with them, you get to work out multiple muscles at the same time. You can not only perform the whole body but also particularly focus your upper back moreover your lower back, biceps, abs, and forearms are all worked out. In order to build muscle, you need to consist with your pull up bar. You can raise the strength of your workout easy by hanging a dumbbell from your feet or by strapping a weight plate to your waist.

Remember You need to avoid some common mistake and do pull ups perfectly

How to Find the Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

you can find your pull up bar


Features you should consider in an Excellent Wall mounted Pull up bar

The best wall mounted pull up bar contains many features to fulfill the user’s needs. When you go to buy a wall mounted bar you should look for some specific qualities or features. It’s because not all the features will be helpful for you and some qualities might become realize as well. Here we tried to deliver you some opinion about the features that you should consider before make your purchase.

Size and Space

When you decide it’s time for a home gym makes sure that you have enough places for the pull-ups exercise you are planning to do. Some bar has required space so be sure before selected your bar to have enough space to mount the bar and complete your exercise safely.

No of Grip option

Its very importance to know how many grip position its offer some of bars offer parallel grip position some of offer huge number of grip position. Normally grip position defines you that which muscles group you can target. So be sure is it considered your upper body, lets, rhomboids, taps or your back workout.


You will need to consider the cost of delivery your new pull up bar. A few bars and their mounting equipment can weigh up to 150 pounds. Shipping for a bit of gear like this could get exorbitant. Ensure you consider the delivery charges when you settle on your obtaining choice.


There are few accessories that you need to consider for your new wall up bar. A few bar offer accessories for example gym rings or ad straps. Check with manufacturer for extra options to go with your pull up bar.

Think before buying a best Wall mounted pull up bar

You should not just go to market and buy the best wall mounted pull up bar without having much knowledge about it. At first, you must discover your needs or for what purpose you used, you need a pull up bar. Then compare the Doorway pull up with the wall-mounted pull up and other ten choose one. Finally, after checking the hole feature and facilities decide which one you want to buy. If you really looking after you money then these is the steps, you should ensure.

Cost is also an importance determination in the selection process. Wall mounted pull up bar to be priced higher than any of their pull up bar like Doorway pull up bar. Therefore, watch out each tool features and take your decision. You should just remember is pull up bar adjustable height and weight?

Every product has user complain, No product is perfect to use. The two common complaints from users is

  • The Product not fitting their door frame
  • Pull up bar damage to their wall

However, don’t worry both are Elimination. There are many things you can do to protect you door frame and wall from damage and you can easily found your answer Do pull up bar damage to your wall.

Final Word

The best wall mounted pull up bar reviews will help you find the perfect tool for your next fitness project. Stop damaging your wall or door frame get your total upper body workout and get a reliable wall mounted pull up bar today. Our expert have done an exquisite research and found out all the points that you should keep in mind when you go to buy a best wall mounted pull up bar.

Editor Choice

After doing some Research we found that the Ultimate Body press wall mounted pull up Bar with Four Grip position is the best wall mounted pull up bar in present 2017

ultimate body press wall mounted pull up bar

  • Simple perfect the ultimate body press mountable pull up bar
  • Quality exercise equipment and very strength
  • Solid and have lot of grip option
  • Great for muscles extension and upper body as well back and very comfortable
  • Five star product and amazon’s choice as well


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