Best flat tummy exercises for great female abs – (2020 Guide)

If you dream of a flat tummy but feel it is so far out of reach, it doesn’t have to be. Besides looking great, strong, healthy abs are important for posture, balance, stability, and even ensuring that your arms and legs function properly. So it’s very important to take good care of them for reasons beyond looking good. Follow below Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs article for more.

Work those muscles for Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs

To get abs that are flat, lean and strong, you have to work the four muscle groups that make up the abdominal section; the external abdominal oblique’s (the area under your ribcage), the internal abdominal oblique’s, which lay under the external oblique’s, the transverses abdomens (a fancy way of saying midsection), and the rectus abdomens, which run from your sternum to pelvis and help flex your spine as you walk. They are also the once you see in “six-pack abs”

The reason crunches and sit ups are not considered an effective ab workout is because they don’t work all sides of the abdomen.

Most women want their ab workouts to be fast and effective, so here are the four best exercises that will flatten your tummy, strengthen your core and help you rock that bikini during swimsuit reason. And, there not a single crunch involved.

What exercise Best for flat tummy for great female Abs

Some of the best exercise for abs are actually the ones that work another part of the body (way for multi-tasking!) because they are core strengthening. Here are a few examples

Rowing machine

This is a great cardio workout that also works your legs, your arms, and your abs. In addition to being a great full body workout that can burn up to 800 calories an hour, it’s constantly engaging the core with every stroke, so you’re really doing twice the work for the same amount of effort. Its very effective tummy toning exercises for beginners who just start their exercise with safe mode.


Swimming laps provide a moderate to intense aerobic workout and also serves as a great way to strengthen the upper and lower body as well as the core. The best swimming exercise for a flat tummy follow the once learned as a beginner, such as kicking with a kick board, doing flutter kicks, or swimming with a band around your ankles (obviously do this in shallow water if you’re not a strong swimmer)

Lat pull Down

These are best for building upper body strength, and again are a great way to work your abs because you have to engage all four muscles in order to do the exercise properly and safely. You can do a traditional lat pull down or what’s known as the pull down crunch for abs, in which you exhale and pull your ab muscles in as tight as you can while bringing the bar down. Make sure you’re lifting the proper amount of weight so you don’t pull a muscle and have someone spot you if you’re just starting out.

Core Exercises Go the Distance

If you don’t have access to a gym, you can get a great workout lying on a yoga mat using you own body wright or a stability ball.

Leg raises- Lie on your back and raise your legs about 6-12 inches off the floor; the closer to the floor you can get, the harder the exercise will be. If you use a stability ball, you can pass the ball from your hands to between your feet to make it more difficult.

Plank- Support your body weight with you elbows and toes wither holding your abs for as long as you can Each time you do these, try and do it for longer than you did before, so you build up stamina and endurance.

Those are the Best flat tummy exercises for great female Abs without any conscious.

It’s All about the Food for flat tummy

When you’re working out, your abs are like a fire-burning furnace and what you feed it is as important as the kind of exercises you do. There are a lot of foods that wreak havoc with our abs because they cause inflammation, bloating, and pain. Avoid the notorious no-no’s like alcohol, soda, sweets and refined grains and instead fuel your body with lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables (like papaya and cucumbers), herbs (like fennel), and whole grains (like quinoa, oatmeal, and plain popcorn)

Get Beach Ready

Experts say that by focusing on your diet, getting enough sleep, doing some fat-burning exercise and being consistent, will get you that beach-ready body you want.

But remember, being healthy and strong is most important. If you’ve never worked out, don’t expect to look like a Barbie doll overnight. In fact, don’t expect to look like one ever. Just focus on being the best you that you can be.

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