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As an adjustable pull up bar pellor offers great for pull-ups and chin-ups, allows you to get a challenging upper body workout for you children as kids pull up bar.

Pellor adjustable ring with buckle pull up bar designed for the next generation of athletes especially for children as a kids pull up bar. Not only does the Kids Pull Up Bar show progression to the smaller budding athletes, but is also an absolute alternative to using ply boxes or lifting them onto a standard height pull up bar. There are very few kids pull up bar are available in market with kids in mind. This adjustable pull up bar, which designed for very small kids in mind. So if you looking for a pull up bar for your kids, this possibly best pull up bar you can get as of early 2017.

Benefits of this adjustable Pull Up bar

  • Exclusively bar that offer with adjustable gym ring to swing on
  • This bar holds up to 440Ibs if installed correctly

Remember strength training not only many benefits over another type of exercise, kids Pull Up bar also invitation to children’s favor to alternate brief bouts of high-effort movement with longer season of rest. Strength training also provides ocular reinforcement, because young exercise can freely see how much weight that is lifting and how much progress they have made. kids Pull Up bar.Someone using pull up assist bands with doorway pull up bar, remember it’s become very dangerous for your child.


adjustable pull up bar

How many grips position adjustable pull up bar offer?

The pellor adjustable pull up bar made of solid (not hollow) PP plastic and adjustable high-density polypropylene webbing which offer you Two main grip position,

  • Overhand grip
  • Underhand grip

The maximal benefit to this bar yet, is probably the rings and adjustable straps that come with it. Overall, Comfortable teardrop shape specifically sized for a child’s grip as ceiling mounted pull up bar or wall mounted bar.

Highlight Benefits and Feature

This adjustable pull up bar for kids made by solid PP plastic and high-density polypropylene webbing.

 If your baby isn’t tall, you aren’t going to face any major issue with this adjustable height pull up bar. This is able to fulfill all the expectation from the adjustable doorway pull up bar.

Very comfortable with rubber coded grips likes to push up bar kids. Furthermore, for portability and lightness, you can go for this without any hesitation.

Need door length to set this bar 60-100cm and max diameter is 5.3″

You can adjust it any door frame within minute without any hesitation.


The reason why kids should strength train

  1. Strong muscles
  2. Strong bones
  3. Stronger tendons
  4. Stronger ligaments
  5. More muscle
  6. Less gat
  7. Higher metabolism
  8. Greater physical capacity
  9. Greater self-confidence
  10. Lower injury risk

What Exercises Can You Do?

With this bar you can easily do below exercise

  • Traditional shoulder length pull ups
  • Chin up
  • Swinging and holding from the bar( for children)
  • Leg raises

Is it easy to install

This kid pull up bar extremely well-designed bar can support up to 340Ibs when using the pull up bar or chin up bar in addition over 400Ibs when you using the ring. This bar is perfect for pull-ups, allow you to receive a challenging upper body workout. (Remember, It’s very important to do pull ups perfectly)

It’s very easy to install within 15 minutes.  Moreover, it’s a great space saving exercise tools that can be used in the comfort of your own sweet home. This bar is adjustable for almost any standard doorway. In addition, is very easy to install and sets up in seconds.

  • Length: 60cm-100cm(extension)
  • Weight: 1.5kg
We suggest install it between the frame and plane wall.
Install as diagram, then check again to ensure the installation is secured.
Parents to use it should descant children age less than 10.
Please remove the bar after each use, and install it again for next time use.

How to set up Kids pull up bar properly

What We Like (PROS)

  • Comfortable teardrop shape specifically sized for a child’s grip
  • High-quality grip option
  • Easy to adjustable for almost any doorway
  • No slippage cause the foam around the handles is nice too.

What We Don’t Like (CONS)

  • Pricing is probably high

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How to hang this from tree?

Answer: I hang it on a structure with a screw

Question: How are these installed? Does it need to be screwed in or is it pressure?

Answer Screws and pressure. Screwed into doorway the rod extends out for pressure against the screws. Ours gets daily use for over a month and shows no sign of loosening.

What Are The Consumer Reviews?

“My daughter absolutely loves this. It’s like having a gym outside her bedroom!”

“We installed this quite quickly. Had to make adjustments so that the bar was evenly enlarged on both sides otherwise it would move a little. My son is 4 and loves to do flip tricks using the rings. My husband and I can also use it. This bar holds up to 440lbs if you installed correctly. We are happy with our purchase”

Before buying any kind or bar you just check out our buying guide.

Final Word

For this price, it is an affordable pull up bar for kids that is well built with high quality materials. It delivers the element that is necessary for good workouts for building you kid’s upper body and also give strength training as well. Hope you love it after use.


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