Why I love pull up training …

Are you looking for a pull up bar for home? Are you a beginner to this exercise and looking for pull up training tips? Trying to do pull ups without injury?

My name is Cam – I’m a firefighter and a keen rock climber. Over the years, I’ve had tonnes of female friends of mine who are keen to apply for the fire department and have put a lot of effort in to improving their upper body strength in preparation for the application process. A lot of these women have told me how hard they’ve worked at mastering pull ups, which as far as I’m concerned are the ultimate test of upper body strength. The best thing you can do to get better at pull ups is to get yourself a pull up bar for at home, where you can practice small repetitions as often as possible.

I’ve gathered information from my female friends, women who train at my gym and my female firefighter colleagues to put together as much information as I can about getting the best home equipment and pull up bar to get you improving your upper body strength.  I’ve looked at doorway pull up bars, wall mounted pull up bars, ceiling mounted pull up bars and a whole heap of extra home gym equipment that can help your training.

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pull up training for women
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